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Employer - Employee Relations in Blacks camping shops

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Employer - Employee Relations Introduction The business that I have chosen to study for this project is a company called Blacks. Blacks are a retail chain of shops that specialises in products for skiing, camping and travelling accessories. The shop that I will be relating the project on is Blacks which is situated in the centre of Harrows shopping centre. The reason I have chosen this company for the project is because I am an employee of Blacks and have been so for three years now. Myself and eight other employees work their. The staffs consist of two managers, two supervisors and the remaining are sales assistants. As I have worked for quite a long period I feel I know how the relations work within each section of the workforce. Blacks are a fairly new company which started business four years ago. It originally traded under the name Air but the company went out of business. They were then taken over by a larger company called The Outdoor Group Ltd and have since traded under the name Blacks. Blacks is still owned by The Outdoor Group Ltd but now generate high revenue every year and are very strong in the market in which they operate. There are over 80 Blacks stores around the UK and they have firmly established loyal customers and know who their potential customers are. I began working as a sales assistant at Blacks but was recently promoted to supervisor as I had worked there for quite a long period of time and of course gained an understanding of how the business environment works. Recently there have been many changes that took place which affected both Blacks as a whole and the store at which I work. When I began working at Blacks three years ago a new manger also began working and she continued to do so until a month ago, whereby she was promoted to a bigger store situated in Ealing Broadway. ...read more.


An example of this we had recently at Blacks concerns the Christmas that just passed. The previous year was our best intake for Christmas in 2003. The employers decided that they wanted 2004 Christmas was even better and done this by providing incentives for the employees. Our incentive was to win �5000 for our store for the highest percentage of sales and highest intake. This seemed to have worked and the Christmas that just passed was the best Blacks have had so far even though it was said the Christmas that just passed was the worst for all retail outlets. These are the main benefits for the employer that can be gained through good relations and we could simply summarise them. It would give Blacks a better reputation, help increase their market share, improve productivity and labour turnover would be reduced. Let us now look at the benefits for the employee that can be derived from good relations. Benefits to the Employee of having good relationships In order for any employee to work hard there is one thing that every employee needs. If we were to look at any theory linked with business then we would find the answer. It is of course the need for motivation good relations would increase employee motivation at Blacks as workers will be motivated to work for Blacks as motivation would show that Blacks values its employees and includes their views in the decision making process. By using the strategy of motivation at Blacks not only will employees do the work that they have been set but when approaching customers who are the most important people for Blacks they will do so wanting to help and serve them willingly. From motivation we are led to the next benefit of good relations for employees. This is greater employee commitment. This is one of the reasons that Outdoors (the company Blacks took over) ...read more.


When employees do meet targets set then they receive financial rewards in the form of bonuses. The non-financial rewards they provide are giving workers more responsibility or promoting them so their job descriptions change. This way they are depended on to look after a certain section in store which again helps motivate the workforce. Suggestion schemes:- Employers should encourage their workers to make suggestions to enable the business to improve its business practices. This is applied at Blacks and when meetings are held we are always asked by the area manager as to whether we believe anything could change that could make the store more appealing to customers. If of course the suggestions put forward are practical and would better benefit Blacks then these are acted upon accordingly. Fringe benefits:- These can be offered in addition to the workers basic salaries. Examples of this include sickness benefits, welfare benefits, bonuses, and other free medical insurances. At Blacks we are all entitled to sick pay and receive bonuses when targets are met. Free medical check-ups are offered to full-time staff. Job security:- Blacks offer their workers job security so as to gain their loyalty. An example of this is training courses. Every six months a training course is carried out for a sales assistant wishing to become a supervisor, or a supervisor wishing to become an assistant manager, or an assistant manager wishing to become a store manager and so on. This way everyone within organisation can develop their skills and become indispensable to Blacks. Also there is always the opportunity of promotion which can help motivate workers. Benefits beyond the contractual obligation:- In addition to basic pay and fringe benefits employers can also win their employees loyalty by offering them additional perks. An example recently in our store was a bonus in our pay to who ever could get the most customers to join a competition we had running. Another example includes free or reduced membership to social clubs or gymnasiums. ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 1 ...read more.

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