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Event management

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INTRODUCTION 1.1 ASSESSMENT CONTEXT Nowadays, most events are organised by an event management company, with experts taking care of every little detail -from the catering of food and drink down right down to the colour scheme at the venue. This can also include amusements and contests lined up for the guests. An event is something that takes place; an occurrence and arbitrary point in time; a significant occurrence or happening/ a social gathering or activity. Individuals define an event's significance subjectively; people actively and retroactively compartmentalize their lives and history in terms of epochs delimited by events considered to be significant. (www.wikipedia.com) Events have the potential to generate a vast amount of money through tourism when they cater for out-of-region visitors, and procure grants or sponsorships, of direct and indirect nature. (Getz, 1997). Paphos (or Pafos) is one of the most beautiful and ancient towns of Cyprus. Wherever one treads in Paphos they come across its glorious history which dates back thousands of years, when the cult of goddess Aphrodite who emerged from its seas, flourished in this beautiful part of the world attracting many visitors from the island and abroad. Today Paphos is a small harbour town, but in Hellenistic and Roman times it was the capital of Cyprus. Still under the spell of her Beauty-Goddess, the area retaining her magic has remained intact by time. Paphos seduces its visitor with its majestic landscape, lovely coastline, historical treasures and delightful villages where tradition is still a way of life. It provides an opportunity for the local communities to develop and share their culture, which create a sense of values and beliefs held by individuals in a local community. The economic impact of tourism supports a programme of events, arts, sports and other culture and helps to build distinctive communities, thus increasing local pride and self confidence. (http://www.cosmosnet.net/azias/cyprus/paphos.html) Planning a sophisticated special event with a myriad of details to coordinate is no easy task. ...read more.


(See appendix 8) In terms of expenditure and costs it is essential to calculate the total costs and include every cost that might be involved. (See appendix 9) It is very important to ensure that all the costs have been checked and the list is genuinely complete. For commercial organizations, senior management or a head of department might do the preparation of a budget for an event. Financial managers10 play an increasingly important role in mergers and consolidations, and in global expansion and related financing. These areas require extensive, specialized knowledge on the part of the financial manager to reduce risks and maximize profit. They often work on teams, acting as business advisors to top management. They need to keep abreast of the latest computer technology in order to increase the efficiency of their firm's financial operations. A record of every financial transaction should be maintained and all payments must have accompanying account before payment. The bank statements should be balanced and a report should be provided at each meeting. (Microsoft Encarta Plus, 2003) Anticipating potential sources of revenue should be given as mush attention as projecting expenses. The source of revenue will often define the type of event, its objectives and planning. One of the most important financial resources is ticket scaling. 'There are many ticketing strategies that strive to obtain the best value from ticket sales such as vary the pricing according to seat position, number of tickets sold and time of sale'. (McDonnell, Allen and O' Toole, 1999, p.336) Tickets should be given to outside organizations or people to sell. Therefore, to increase the selling of tickets should: * Provide convenient ways to purchase tickets. For example, credit card telephone orders, online ticketing, other retail outlets, extend ticket-office hours, etc * All tickets and cash are to be returned by a certain date, with a report on sales. * Tickets are valid exclusively for the dates indicated on them. ...read more.


3.2 TYPES OF EVALUATION Audience Count An easy measure to control an event it is mostly accurately done through ticket sales or establishing seating capacity Surveys and Polls These can be done during or after the event. Surveys or polls usually provide good data about the market that was reached and their perception. Media Impressions and Publicity Publicity can be measured by counting sponsors Evaluation is a continuous process, but perhaps the most critical time to evaluate an event is immediately after it is over. This evaluation can be either written verbal or a combination of the two. Evaluation should come from many parties: * The attendees/visitors * The vendors * The community * The organizers/volunteers The following day of the event (15th of May) there will be a conference with the Media announcing that the event was of great success and remind people (and tourists) that Kyklos Art Gallery will remain open. (See Appendix 13) This report has covered all aspects of planning and organizing an event. It has been emphasized the aim and objectives of the event which was organizing an international artistic event (Art Exhibition) that will take place at the 'Kyklos Art Gallery' in Paphos on the 12th, 13th and 14th of May 2006.The aim of this event is to demonstrate through the work of the artists the Turkish invasion in Cyprus capturing the viewers attention from the extraordinary colours and figures used. The most important objectives were to raise money for Paphos General Hospital and educate and inform people through the exhibition from a different perspective about Turkish invasion in Cyprus. In writing this report an attempt was made writing the methodology and analysis of the strategic planning for the event and the second part of this study is dedicated on a discussion which covered the legal, social and environmental issues that have the potential to impact on the event using C-PEST and SWOT analysis. If all the fields are covered in organizing an event it can lead to a good exhibition and a good relationship between event and local community. ...read more.

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