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Examine the roles and responsibilities of key people in the promotion of health, safety and security in a health and social care setting

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Examine the roles and responsibilities of key people in the promotion of health, safety and security in a health and social care setting P4 - Under the Health and Safety at work act 1974, both managers and employees should hold certain responsibilities. Health and safety laws and regulations may seem complicated and rather theoretical as well as being very far removed from hands on care, but they are extremely relevant to the work health and social care workers do. If health care workers fail to comply with them, they may be disciplined by their employer or even prosecuted. There are four main responsibilities for employees to abide by when working in a health and social care setting. All of these responsibilities are made to ensure and promote health and safety at work for all. The first thing employees must carry out is to adhere to instructions relating to the operation of a site and equipment. This means all employees must read, understand and carry out all policies and procedures. There are many policies that health and social care settings must create using the HASWA 1974 as a guideline. ...read more.


By checking all things there are very few ways anything can be misused. When employees have been informed about policies and procedures, they should be able to complete any task or activity assigned to them, to ensure a health, safe and secure workplace for all. Managers also have a multitude of responsibilities, to ensure they run a safe and secure workplace. The first is to maintain a safe working environment for all staff. All managers are responsible for their staffs welfare and safety. They must provide for the adequate health and welfare for employees, this includes providing suitable first aid provisions and a registered first aid administrator on site, there should be at least one first aid provider to every 50 people in a health and social care setting. All managers should also keep an eye out for, and show particular awareness of employees who are pregnant, post childbirth, breast - feeding, returning from sick leave or disabled. A manager should also ensure that they make the workplace and working practise as safe as possible, ensuring that, at least the minimum safety standards are enforced. ...read more.


mental health hospitals, or drug abuse workers. Managers must also ensure all employees are trained in how to maintain, store and use equipment, materials and substances correctly, they must also provide adequate protective and safety equipment to use once they have been trained. The fifth and final, of my examples of manager's responsibilities is the recording and reporting of all accidents. All managers must have a RIDDOR file; this is a record of all incidents concerned in The Reporting of Injury, Disease and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995. All managers must carry out and record formal risk assessments of potentially hazardous situations to employees and service users. All managers must co - operate fully with health and safety officials and inspections. These inspectors will also check all RIDDOR and COSHH files. Overall, both managers and employees have a great deal of responsibilities in order to run and promote a healthy, safe and secure workplace. If all responsibilities are undertaken and completed it will in turn create a comfortable, safe and ultimately happy workplace. Sophie Louise Kelly - page 1 Sophie Louise Kelly - page 1 ...read more.

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