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Excellence in global corporate competition demands certain success-enabling organizational characteristics, attributes that of course must be introduced and/or supported by management

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European culture in general can be viewed as one of the several basic cultures nowadays. It has been forming for centuries and has acquired some unique, only to it inherent qualities and peculiarities which now form national culture and national identity of each European country. As for France, this country has been the one to dictate European fashion and tastes for the last several centuries. Consequently, before American entertainment industry entered the European market France was the first and the most successful in Europe to present its views, principles and ideology by means of a really efficient tools - sound and pictures. Opposing America's entering the European market France tries to preserve its position and prevent itself from so-called 'Americanization' or even inevitable globalization. The country tries to make its entertaining industry beneficial having at the same time preserved its language and cultural values for them not be much influenced by foreign competitors. On the other hand, what concerns film industry, French movies are different from the US ones for they are not as spectacular but in scripts and settings outline feelings, emotions, the inner world of a personality. ...read more.


Some of them are brought by people working in the company; others are imposed in them by the will of the state, government, etc. in order to spread its views and policies over a wider range of auditory. Speaking of the issue concerning American companies entering French or European market, in most of developing and developed countries the flows of foreign direct investments remain strong, growth of foreign trade is being constantly observed and markets of capital are generally becoming more and more global. Hence, it's impossible to stop foreign country's invasion into the national culture and industry development. Of course, there are some advantages a company gains having entered foreign market. First of all, such an action may provide successful operation in several markets and allow different production stages take advantages of different markets as for the supply of materials or labor. Although foreign licensing adds some problems, it gives an opportunity to sell the products being produced directly to the potential customer and, hence, achieve exploitation benefits and close control - a direct presence in the market. But, at the same time entering foreign market is characterized by high capital and management costs. ...read more.


Such a tactic would allow the industry to rapidly develop in both domestic and foreign country and to eliminate all the problems which may arise when bringing a movie to another country. As for France, this country should follow similar principles too. Coming from the fact that its movies are not as successful in the US as they are in the European Union, the country should consider a possibility of producing movies oriented on foreign public separately from those which are produced for inner presentations or some contests. Having discussed and analyzed the case we are faced to, we can come to a conclusion that even if there is only one serious competitor in the country's market, the company should never forget that it is a guest in the country and, hence, should, first of all study the country's tastes and demands before offering any product or service. National culture - a concept which includes a great number of specific issues - is one of the first factors to be evaluated when doing business in a foreign country. ?? ?? ?? ?? A Cultural ?rash 1 ...read more.

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