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Explain how external labour market information is used to plain human resources within Haydon School?

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Explain how external labour market information is used to plain human resources within Haydon School? Human resources function can use labour market information as it helps them gain a range of relevant information about things like the teacher vacancies they can find out Reasons there are vacancies such as the subjects being taught on the area the school is based. (London borough of hillingdon teacher vacancy survey summer 2003) Term1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 4 + terms No. of vacancies 81 31 24 4 8 This table shows information about the vacancies in hillingdon and can give Haydon a idea about the number of vacancies they can get in each term and the terms that they need to concentrate on keeping staff. For example in term 1 the vacancies are highest this could be because schools aren't prepared for the school year. ...read more.


> Benefits such as a pension, which are good incentives to stay. (London borough of hillingdon teacher vacancy survey summer 2003) Reasons No. of vacancies Moved to teach outside London 34 Moved to teach within London 21 Not given 20 Leaving country 14 Left the profession 14 Creation of new post 11 Internal LEA move 9 Retirement 7 Illness 4 Internal school move 4 Unknown 4 Maternity 3 Other 2 Government initiative 1 Total 148 Haydons Human recourses can use this information from the labour market to try and prevent staff from leaving or make sure that they know when a member of staff is leaving and get a replacement for example retirement Haydon know when someone is going to retire so can find some one in time to fill the spot which save on using a cover teacher. ...read more.


find skilled staff quickly so that they can have an edge over other school who wont be able to do a subject because they don't have the skilled staff. Haydon should make sure they have enough science teachers, as that seems to be were there is a big teacher shortage. I have looked at many different sections of the labour markets information, which Haydons HR function can use to improve the school. I looked at teacher vacancies in hillingdon, which Haydon can use to find how many jobs need filling in the area, also how many vacancies there are in subject areas so they know which subjects to advertise for, they can use the information about when people leave to spot trends and make Haydon more Appling to staff at these times and I found out why people left schools and Haydon can try to stop these reasons from accruing. Gary Harrison ...read more.

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