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Explain how the organisational structure, culture and management style interrelate in the business.

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Explain how the organisational structure, culture and management style interrelate in the business. The organisation structure, management style and culture interrelate a lot in the running of the business. The culture is very much determined on the organisational structure and management style for example there are certain things that just wouldn't go together like a hierarchical structure with a people centred culture. ...read more.


Organisational structure, management style and culture all severely effect the performance of the business I will state why each one of these areas has such a large impact on the performance. Organisational Structure Without the organisational structure the business would be a disaster. ...read more.


Culture The culture of a business is affected by the management style and organisational structure. However again like the other two areas of the business if the culture was wrong for the employees they would become confused and not sure how to work. Alex Porter A1 ...read more.

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