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General Management Training at Meadowlea Daries

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General Management Training at Meadowlea Dairies Prepared for Psychology at Work Assignment PAW4c By Jennie Miller FL98 08 May 2007 Word Count = 1565 Word Limit = 1500 General Management Training at Meadowlea Dairies Contents 1. Executive Summary 2. Introduction 3. Purpose of the training scheme 4. Effectiveness of the current training scheme 5. Criticisms of the process 6. Suggestions for Improvement/Plan of Action 6.1. Assess training needs 6.2. Establish training objectives 6.3. Develop and test training materials/methods 6.4. Implement 6.5. Evaluate 7. Conclusions 8. Bibliography 9. Appendix 1. Executive Summary This report will give an overview of the current training and induction given to general managers and an evaluation of its effectiveness. Appropriate revision of the process will be completed including the realisation of a plan of action for required improvements. 2. Introduction Meadowlea wishes to improve the training giving to the General Manager on their appointment to the position. This re-evaluation is occurring because: - * Trainees have complained of boredom during the training period * Trainees have indicated that the training received did not adequately prepare them for the job. Training currently consists of: - * Brief Induction * 6 weeks - Delivery Rounds * 2 months - Production Section * 2 months - purchasing/sales * 2 months - transport/distribution * 2 months - accountant * 1 month - engineer * shadowing a General Manager The whole training lasts for approximately a year. ...read more.


There are a number of steps in order to do this. Firstly the job itself must be examined and a specification of the skills and knowledge that is required by a general manager developed. The training needs of new starters should be assessed, objectives set for the training sessions and methods and materials of training developed. After this scheme has been implemented I will carry out another training analysis to measure its success. The general manager will most likely have been recruited from within the group. He will therefore have some knowledge of the business and the functions and departments within it. He must have the skills involved in managing a team of people and managing the operations within the factory. Plan of Action 6.1. Assess training needs The first training need is an induction. This must cover the following areas: - * Company Mission and Goals * Company Structure * Company Procedures and Policies (holidays, absence etc.) * Health and Safety This will be of particular importance to a General Manager recruited from outside of the company, however an overview is important to all General Managers as they must a full knowledge and understanding of the above in order to lead their dairy successfully. ...read more.


* A mentor (Another General Manager) will then be allocated who will be on hand to answer any queries and identify further training needs for the new general manager. The whole induction/training process has been reduced from one year to six months. 6.4. Implement The new induction week can be implemented as soon as one or a number of new employees join the company. The initial GM training scheme will be implemented for each manager that joins. 6.5. Evaluate * The success of the induction scheme can begin to be measured as soon as it takes place with employee questionnaires assessing Reaction criteria3. The success of the initial GM training scheme would be measured in an evaluative report like this one following the successful training of one or more general managers. As with this report the evaluation of the effectiveness of the training would take place based on reactive, learning, behavioural, and result criteria. 7. Conclusions In summary, the current training system for general manager is ineffective. A plan of action has been drawn up to change the induction and initial training process, and this will be implemented for new starters and its success measured and evaluated. This should help the organisation give their new managers the best start into their new role, working effectively for the company from the start of their employment. 8. ...read more.

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