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Health safety/cleanliness and hygiene- the Trafford Centre use practice and procedures such as CCTV cameras (322)which examining the inside and outside of the trafford centre for your safety

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Practice and procedures I am now going to examining the practice and procedures of 2 organisations in the 6 areas. Which are: * Health safety/cleanliness and hygiene- the Trafford Centre use practice and procedures such as CCTV cameras (322)which examining the inside and outside of the trafford centre for your safety. They also have Non-Uniform Police waking around with the Public to ensure your safety and catch out thieves. The toilets are cleaned regularly and they have Evan won an award for "the best loo". There is a first aid room in the trafford centre and they operate a non-smoking policy in the Centre. * Staff levels/staff quality/training - all staff at the trafford Centre have an induction program, which trains them in pacific areas. ...read more.


The Centre clearly label their opening times and closing times and they stick by them and if they are going to be closed they make sure the customer knows. if you break down in the car park you get free accident and break down service provided by the centre. Every complaint that the Centre gets they follow up no matter how minor. I think they provide an excellent service. * Accessibility and availability-the Trafford Centre is well sighnposted and easy to get to as the motorways all meet. The centre is well advertised locally and at Christmas they advertise on tv. There is a metro and coach link with the centre and they also operate a shuttle bus service so Evan if you don't drive you can still get there. ...read more.


Also they have a meet and great service this is where they tell you about the Trafford Centre. * Individual needs- at the trafford centre there is a prey room, which you can use for free. There is a play area for children and a cr�che for tired parents to put their children. The food court offers a wide Varity of food such a pizza, burger, with 1600 seats and 25 restaurants chicken, pasta, salad so there is something for everyone. They provide leaflets in Braille and different languages. There is over 280 shops to suit all with 5 nationally renowned anchor stores. The Trafford centre provide for all to help you experience and the centre be a goo one, the only thing that I think they could do better is provide more children's shops. ...read more.

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