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How did Marks and Spencer re-attain their status as one of the best supermarkets?

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Marks and Spencer Assignment Introduction. Marks and Spencer's has had a consistent record of success and profitability until recently when they were suddenly hit by falling sales. Marks and Spencer's were totally unprepared for this and while they were developing new stores and expanding the business their competitors were strengthening. Because Marks and Spencer's have been highly successful and competitive for so long there was no pressure to improve the business and now their competitors have overtaken them and underlying problems have arisen, something needs to be done. The business needs a complete overhaul management needs to be streamlined, the business structure needs to be re-organised to make it more efficient and the marketing mix need to be changed. Marks and Spencer provide a variety of goods and services to the public. One of their main outlets for customers is the clothing they sell. Foods is another big part to the success of Marks and Spencer and they also provide the customers with cooked food which would be very handy for busy people who need food for dinner that day, instead of cooking they could get some cooked food on the way home form work. How did Marks and Spencer re-attain their status as one of the best supermarkets? Marks and Spencer's worst weakness was their clothing. Marks and Spencer identified a number of major issues to address during the year as part of their recovery strategy for Clothing - product appeal, quality and fit, availability, pricing and segmentation, or in other words, making sure that they have something for everyone. their aim was to produce higher quality goods, deliver them more quickly, and to do so at better prices. But strictly in that order of priority - better, faster, lower cost. By the time they opened the doors on their autumn range in September 2001, they felt that the quality of their clothing, the way it was displayed, and our store environments, all made things a lot clearer for shoppers. ...read more.


Marketing in Marks and Spencer is considered much more than just a separate function. Marks and Spencer staff are very keen to be involved and to find out other things they require. They are keen to make their customers happy and even try to duopoly additional services that the customers may be aware of e.g. new credit card. Marketing and Sales in Marks and Spencer include the market research, promotion and sales. Market research tries to find out what their customers opinion and needs are from the data collected, they try to propose change to existing products or service. They do their best to match their customer's requirements. The marketing department are linked with many department for example the finance department provide the money the purchase stocks and services. The graph show that the sales performance per quarter increase during the year this means that the finance department would then have to provide the retail department with money to purchase stock. (Taken from the website which is www.marksandspencer.co.uk Typical job title of Marketing and Sale Job role Marketing director Responsible for the overall marketing function and its aims and objectives. Sales director Responsible for the sales function. Sales manager Responsible for sale staff and achievement of sale targets. Export manager Responsible for overseas agents and the achievement of sales targets overseas. Advertising manager In charge of advertising Market researchers Responsible for find out consumer opinions on current. Order clerks Accept and process sales orders. Telephone sales staff Accept and process telephone orders. Administration Administration was designed to ensure that the organisation operates as smoothly as possible. They do this by performing a wide range of support activities fast and efficiently. Administration is what holds the whole business together. If administration does not function properly then the business will have problems in producing goods and lifting sales. There are many different activities carried out by the administration. ...read more.


There four main directors at Marks and Spencer, which will help them to success, their aims and objective and the four main directors are: Finance Director Human Resource Director Marketing and Sales Director Administrative Director I will compare the different business structure with Marks and Spencer and the business I will compare with are the flat structure business, the business I compare with are the Cyber net Ltd. I will give you what the cyber net Ltd structure and compare the different of it. Cyber net Ltd Structure Cyber net Ltd structure is the Flat structure. Cyber net Ltd only have two stage levels, the company only have three people Tim is in charge and Tim only has two employees which is Catherine and Amjad, they two in the same level. Compare Marks and Spencer with Cyber net there are lot different because Cyber net only have two stage levels but Marks and Spencer have six different and more employees and Marks and Spencer can get the work done faster than the Cyber net. Strengths and Weakness of Marks and Spencer The strengths of Marks and Spencer is they have many levels and different stage of their structure this will see Marks and Spencer success in achieving their aims and objective and the other strength are they have different manager to take care the different department and that will help Marks and Spencer achieving their aims and objective because that can take care the little problems don't need the Director to take care of it and that the director can do other thing that is important. The weakness of Marks and Spencer is the they have many levels of their structure this is because if the finance department staff need to talk the clothing director they have to go talk to their manager first and their manager talk to the director of finance and then the director go talk to the clothing director and that will take lot of time that the people can do lot of things and that will affect Marks and Spencer aims and objectives. Colum Kelly ...read more.

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