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how HRM orperate within any oraganisation

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1.0 Introduction to the assignment The aim of this assignment is to see how Human Resources operate within any organisation, and why it is important to have effective Human Resource Management. There are many things such as, Human resource planning, Recruitment and Selection and Training and Development which helps a company to achieve its objectives. For a business to achieve its objective it must have the right number of employees with the right qualification and training to meet the needs of the company. The Human Resources department of a company will check if an employee has the right qualification and training to carry out its job. 2.0 Introduction to the company J Sainsbury plc is the 12th largest food retailer in the US, and strong regional player, with 185 stores. It has interests in financial services and property. The group comprises Sainsbury's Supermarkets and Sainsbury's Bank in the UK and Shaw's Supermarkets in the US. 2.1 Background history John James and Mary Ann Sainsbury founded Sainsbury in 1869. They opened their first small dairy shop at 173 Drury Lane, London. Drury Lane was one of London's poorest areas and the Sainsburys' shop quickly became popular for offering high-quality products at low prices. It was so successful that further branches were opened in other market streets such as Stepney, Islington and Kentish Town. By 1882 John James Sainsbury had four shops and had plans to expand his business further. He opened a depot in Kentish Town, northwest London, to supply this growing chain and, built bacon kilns, which produced the first Sainsbury brand product on the same site. It was also in 1882 that John James opened his first branch in the prosperous suburb of Croydon. This shop sold a wide range of 'high-class' provisions and was more elaborately decorated than the earlier shops. Between 1890 and 1900 Sainsbury was very well known store. ...read more.


* The company will be behind on its product's schedule (finishing the task on time), as employees will be working slowly and less effectively. * The company will not get many contracts, as they will be not meeting deadlines, as there is lack of interest for the company. * Company will have a bad reputation if they keep on missing the deadlines. * Employees will be leaving jobs quickly, which means there will be more costs to repeat the recruitment and selection process. 5.5 Processes involved in recruitment and selection function There are numbers of functions involved when recruiting and selection process occurs, like: 5.6 Factors, which should be considered in planning to fill a vacancy and carrying out interviews 5.6.1 Filling a vacancy There are many reasons why a vacancy needs to be filled. Like: * A new job may be available due to the expansion of the organisation * Someone has died * Someone has retired * Someone has been dismissed * Someone has left for personal reasons * Someone is promoted * A new department has opened There are other alternatives that could be carried out instead of filling a vacancy to save money for the organisation. These are: - Making more use of machinery/technology - Restructuring of the work each employee has - Giving overtime to the current employees - Employing part time staffs. If the above alternatives do not work or if the manager thinks the vacancy needs to be filled then they can look for candidates internally (with in the business) or externally (outside the business). 5.6.2 Carrying out the interviews There are number of factors which could be taken into account when carrying out interviews. The interview should be conducted around a simple plan and be based on a number of questions against which all candidates should be assessed. The interview should happen in a good suitable place, such as a warm, quite, ventilated room. ...read more.


* From appraisal training and development was carried out to help the employees to improve within their role in the company. * Managers used 'theory X and Y', as well as using Maslow's theory (the hierarchy of needs). These theories were used depending on how employees worked individually. 8.0 Conclusion To ensure that the company can make effective use of working with Sainsbury the Human Resourcesmanagement (HRM) has to contribute to a number of factors, which would improve the competitiveness of the business. For example: * HRM has to plan ahead to recruit employees, so that Sainsbury is not short of employees and therefore this will save time and money for corresponding company. * By planning ahead the corresponding company can be certain that the appropriate person is selected for recruitment. This is also beneficial for Sainsbury, as this will save them a great deal of time and money in the short run and the long run. * Insufficient training and development of Sainsbury's staffs could cause the business to lose customers, sales and reputation of the business. Also ineffective training could cost Sainsbury money with no gain against their competitors. * Lack of appraisals may cause Sainsbury's employees to leave the job and look elsewhere, as they see little or no career progression. 8.1 Identification and evaluation of the potential conflicts between HRM activities within Sainsbury Conflicts can arise in the following ways 8.1.1 Data protection Human Resourcesdeal with and stores huge amount of personal information on each employee, such as salary, sickness record, absences, etc. How much information can be given out about a person without their permission to the Tax Authorities and Social Security. The local Camden will have a Data Protection Register. This will set out all the items of Data in categories that they use and for what purpose, so they are not accused of breaking the Act. 8.1. ...read more.

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