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Human resource assignment

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Human resource assignment The human resource function within a business is concerned the employees who work in the organisation. Most organisations consider their staff as the most important resource within the business. Other resources include capital (money), buildings, land and materials. On the other hand if they staff working in the business are not motivated and only do the minimum of work the business will not be successful. If staff are motivated and work well with each other them sales within the business will start to rise and the business will be successful in what it does. Human resource or personnel as it is known is the most important function within the business. Staff within the human resource function try to boost moral within the work place and try to have good working conditions other factors of having a happy work force would be friendly staff, to be treated fairly by your boss, to be able to receive training where needed and to be able to develop yourself further and have the opportunities to receive promotion. Some activities within the human resource function are they recruit and select staff give any training and development and they monitor and maintain a good working environment for there staff to work in. The aim of human resource function is to ensure that the employees within the business are used and developed to an extent that the employer obtains the best possible benefit for the company from there abilities to work. The staff within human resource has many roles and responsibilities. Some of the activities in this function are: * The recruitment and selection of staff * Training, development and promotion of staff * The health and safety * Monitoring and maintenance of good working conditions They are also concerned with performance management and human resource planning. Recruitment and selection One of the most important jobs within human resource is the recruitment and selection of new employees. ...read more.


They might also have to spend quite some time on advertising and maybe changing the adverts to attract certain people that might fit the job. Application forms This is very important when recruiting staff that you try and find out as much as you can about that individual and what they could bring to your business. Businesses spend a lot of time and effort in recreating application forms so that they can get as much relevant information as possible. The City Of Sunderland College spend a lot of time creating and changing application forms so that it is understandable and you can get the best answers and some people shine when you read application forms sometimes just because of the layout and how analytical they are. Testing Testing is becoming increasingly popular with businesses they are not as personal as application forms in the way that they do not as you personal questions it could be a test of your knowledge or how well you know a product that you might be selling. This could be a good way of recruiting new staff because you can find out how much they know about the business and about the job that they could be doing. The City Of Sunderland College also sometimes uses this method to give presentations or lectures to students to see how well they do under pressure. This would also be a good idea to see how well the person gets on with the students and if they use a professional manner. Rogers 7-point plan This plan is one of the most commonly used and a way of producing a person specification. The "7 point plan" by Alec Rogers is used by picking out seven of the more specific characteristics, which are or could be: 1.General intelligence 2. Attainments - like GCSE's or a-levels 3. Special attributes 4. Interests/hobbies 5. Circumstances e.g. ...read more.


There could be some conflict between recruitment and selection and training and development this would be because people could be recruited with the wrong skills needed so training and development would have to use up there resources to correct this problem and re train staff. Staff that work in performance management will be in conflict with recruitment and selection because staff that are not trained in the right way or do not fit the job will not be performing to the best of there ability in the work place. If new staff are not trained correctly for the job that they are doing this could have a knock on affect with recruitment and selection, because if staff are not trained correctly they will not be able to perform and new staff will have to be recruited and the process will start again. Training and recruiting staff cost a lot of money and can cost the business more and more each time. All the departments coming together and helping each other can avoid this. Other departments that may cause conflict between each other human resource planning and recruitment and selection this could be because the human resource planning could calculate a number of people needed to fill vacancies. Recruitment and selection in turn will arrange interviews with hopeful recruits. Human resource planning might have calculated wrong and need more or staff to fill vacancies meaning this would cost more money and conflict between both departments. Also they may be conflict between performance management and training and development departments. This may be because the training and development departments are not training new staff properly in relation to the way performance management would like them to. If staff feels that they are not receiving the training that they need to full fill the job they are doing this could cause conflict between training and development and recruitment and selection. This would mean that time and money will have to be spent on recruiting more staff. ...read more.

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