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Human resource management at Singapore Airlines.

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Human Resource Management at Singapore Airlines Singapore Airlines are committed to service and product innovation despite this their mission statement has not changed they still aim to seek out new ways to develop and improve their position as leaders in innovation excellence. Singapore Airlines as well as other organisations recruit for a number of reasons. The main reasons that led Singapore Airlines to maximise the quality of their service through Human Resource Management could be because of their success and rapid growth, which has occurred over the past twenty-two years. Toady Singapore airlines operate a fleet of over ninety aircrafts and own a 14.499 strong work force, which is a 3.5% increase than they had between the year 2000 and 2001. They travel across five continents linking more than one hundred destinations in more than forty countries. Other reasons include the changing jobs within the business, having to fill vacancies created by resignation, retirement, and dismissal and in many cases internal promotions. To maintain their position as a leading global corporation, Singapore Airlines are committed to recruiting and nurturing job seekers to meet their manpower needs. ...read more.


Internal promotions can be seen as an incentive for staff to work harder, the downside to recruiting internally is that the person promoted will have to be replaced and as in many cases the promotion of one employee could lead to conflict with another. Job advertisements take many forms. Many giving a job title, job description, location, salary, qualification requirements, experience required and usually concluded with a contact and address. Singapore Airlines advertisements provide potential candidates with helpful information and its clearness would probably discourage applications from people who do not have the required qualifications for the job - see attachment one. Selection is based on candidates successfully passing the interview and psychometric tests and in cases of recruiting managers and administrative officers aptitude is tested. Psychometric and attitude testing are used to find out whether individuals have the right personalities and qualities to do specific types of work. 'A psychometric test is a way of assessing an individual personality and motivation often by the means of a paper and pencil questionnaire' - Kiersey Character and Temperament sorter. ...read more.


Singapore Airlines offer employees the ability to move from one post to another within the organisation. This allows them to gain flexibility within their workforce by having the option of moving employees to different jobs and geographical areas according to changing economic conditions. Singapore Airliners allow most employees to change job roles every four years. SIA's investment in staff development created 3.1 training places for every employees during the year 2002 which works out to be 15.9 training days per employee. SIA had to let 114-cabin crew trainees go in November 2001 due to the cut back of services on their routes, as a good employer arrangements were made foe 85 of them to join the SilkAir cabin crew. Singapore Airlines provide employees with many benefits. Employees with at least six months service for every year of employment are entitled to a free air ticket to any Singapore Airline destination. Employees are entitled to the profit sharing bonus announced annually based on the companies performance along with basic dental and medical care, subsidised insurance cover and holiday subsidy plans. The year 2001 saw a cut back in benefits, due to low profit. No profit sharing bonus was paid, which also led to a wage cut. ...read more.

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