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Human resources planning.

Extracts from this document...


Lisburn ICE Task 1 Human resources planning For my company I have to recruit employees to help me with the day to day running of the business, however, before I can recruit staff I have to plan to make sure that the person I want to hire will be the right person for my company and that they will be able to fulfil the requirements of the vacancy available. For this I will have to pay attention to employment trends, skills, shortages, competition for employees and the availability of labour. Planning is the most important thing I can do to make my business a success. So I will have to plan for factors such as labour turnover, sickness and accident rates. I will also have to take into account age, skills and training. Recruitment and selection If my organisation is to achieve its' objectives, I will have to employ the right people for the job vacancy in my organisation. Businesses may want to recruit new employees for reasons such as :- a growth in business, a change in job roles, or a vacancy could be created due to a dismissal, retirement or resignation. Before I recruit new employees I will need to prepare a person specification and a job specification so I am clear about the people I want working for me and so that I am sure that the applicant can complete his/her function in the organisation. I will then need to advertise the position to attract interest. After I have received all the application forms I will then have a paper shift to help me create a shortlist of applicants for interviews. When creating my shortlist I must make sure I am meeting all my equal opportunity policies, as I would not want to discriminate against any minority group etc. Training and development I see training and development as a very important part of my business plan for Lisburn ICE. ...read more.


The job description then states that, 'The above statements reflect the general tasks, duties, activities and/or responsibilities necessary to describe the position and is not intended to set forth all the specific requirements of the job. These job/responsibilities may change or vary in response to business needs'. I feel that that company is unsure of its exact needs by saying this. The job description does not include the qualifications that are needed to carry out the job requirements. This means that any one, who thinks they can carry out that job, will apply for it. As a result of this, there will be a lot of applicants without the necessary qualifications. The job description also does not indicate the name of composer, indicator and it does not state the date of issue. This might make applicants feel they are sending their applicants to an anonymous person. The size and font is also the same throughout the description, which doesn't make any thing stand out. Lisburn ICE uses two different application forms 1. Internal application forms 2. External application forms Both of these applications come in booklet form, this makes it easier to keep it together and store. The font and the size of the writing changes throughout the booklet. This makes the writing stand out look interesting. On both application forms there are notes to the applicants to help them to fill out the application form. The application forms provide enough space in them both to allow applicants to provide detailed answers. The applicant must sign at the end of each document to confirm that the information they have provided is correct and if found incorrect they are willing to receive disciplinary action. A section contained in the internal application form is provided for the applicants existing manager to sign, to allow the applicant to transfer departments. Candidates are also informed that CV's will not be accepted instead of either application form. ...read more.


The human resources may set the criteria low so unqualified people may get the job. The person they also select could be lazy and might not pull their weight within the business. As the person may not meet the proper criteria training must be introduced to the employees to influence their ability to perform. This costs the business time and money. The performance management system may cause friction between the employees and their managers. This creates an unhappy workforce. This may be caused because employees may feel uncomfortable with their managers analysing their work. Employees may also feel disturbed by their employers giving them unsatisfactory comments about the way they carry out there job. Task 5 (d) Conflict occurs throughout Lisburn ICE's departments. This is caused by the high demand on employees. There are conflicts between the human resources department and the finance, marketing and production departments. - Conflicts occur between the Human Resources Department and the finance department because it is expensive to send employees on training courses, so the profits will fall. - Conflict occurs between the Human Resources Department and Marketing because Marketing uses the profits to go towards their projects but instead its going towards training. - Conflict occurs between the Human Resources department and the Production Department, because when employees are being trained they are offered on and off the job training. When employees are having off the job training they are absent from work and the productivity levels fall. When employees are on on-the-job training the productivity levels will become slower and may drop. Conclusion. The human resources department helps to achieve Lisburn ICE's aims as it focuses on fostering changes in the attitudes and styles of managers faced with new relationships and identities. Lisburn ICE's human resources department is also responsive to the business needs of the organisation, improving capability to achieve business goals. The human resources department is of strategic value to Lisburn ICE; it measures the performance that dominates the business; attitudes and commitment of top management, the role of human resource department professionals in the organisation; and their strategic expertise and articulacy. 1 ...read more.

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