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I agree with conscription.

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I agree with conscription. First of all, the conscription is much better than volunteer army because the quantity and quality of conscription exceed volunteer army. I think we still remember the event of Sep. 11. We are still threatened by terrorists, not only in the USA, but in all the european countries. ...read more.


Poor and rich people come together and could become friends. Conscription is a way to educate and build the strength of young people. Besides, a common goal gives them direction and purpose. They can become valueble members of society while they are still impressionable. Conscripts are taught to consider the needs of goups instead of the wishes of their immature selves. Conscription builds up chareacter, teaches discipline, teamwork, and respect. ...read more.


Some poor people probably can't get check-up very often in countryside or because they don't have enough time or money for check-up. In the army majority of men get training which can help them getting jobs. In the army, conscripts do not only have physical training. They also learn firefighting, medical emergency training, snow removal, highway and bridge construction, natural disaster training etc. Conscription could produce skilful men. I therefore agree with all the motion of conscription, which is not only physically good, it also gives people life lessons. ...read more.

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