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I will now identify potential conflicts that arise concerning the Human Resource department when objectives of William Hill differs to that of employees objectives.

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Question 12) I will now identify potential conflicts that arise concerning the Human Resource department when objectives of William Hill differs to that of employees objectives. The Human Resource department of William Hill may feel the company does not need as many employees as they have so they will want to make some staff redundant. A conflict of interest may arise between the human resource planning and the recruitment and selection because some jobs roles are not being filled so there is lack of productivity in certain areas but reducing staff means that other workers will become under more pressure to be doing two or more job roles. This conflict can be solved by these areas to come together discuss what roles have to be filled and which staff is not being productive enough and just wasting William Hill's money this can be done by analysing at each employee's ...read more.


who used their money wisely, who could do with more money to improve their department and to see what each department spends their budget on. Performance management uses motivational theorist and other means of giving praise and encouragement. The conflict that would arise will have not much to do with money but with managers of different departments. The approaches that may be taken by the managers could be autocratic, democratic and laissez faire. When looking at the motivational theorists that the HR department may use this may conflict as they would need to analyse which theorists would suit best be applied to various employees and Mangers. People may have different opinions on what they think is best for the company and this may differ for what best for employees this may lead to negative atmosphere within the organisation. ...read more.


This then will result in people being made redundant and management and employee will then full out. This can also lead to conflict between trade unions representative over redundancy pay. Looking at all the conflicts that can arise in William Hill I feel some of them can be over come with little bit of consideration given from both the company and employees and create a rather more productive and happy working environment. However very rarely will a business be able to run smoothly without conflict arising in different departments. Conflict is not always necessary because it allows efficiency Nevertheless conflict does not have it bad points such as causing emotion, anger and even distress for employees. But to resolve this great action is taken by the HR department in order for each department to work well in -achieving the best for the overall corporate objectives. Nike Akinde ...read more.

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