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Identify and describe realistic opportunities for the business to buy/sell in the target market.

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Business Studies DAR P3 Identify and describe realistic opportunities for the business to buy/sell in the target market There are many opportunities for Peugeot in Argentina to sell cars. This is because Argentina has a large population, up to 37 million and one million are internet users; this would help Peugeot to get the sales required by Advertising and other sources. Also the other point which makes Argentina look attractive to Peugeot is that the high economic (GDP) that has risen over the years. From 1996 to 1973 there was a +4.3% growth average which is higher than the UK's growth average, this is due to the amount of population. ...read more.


Argentina has a broadcasting industry which is quite sophisticated. Advertising in cities of Argentina such as Buenos Aires, Posudos, Cordoba, Maron, Rosario and San Miguel De Tecuman. This is a good opportunity as these cities are highly populated. So many people will buy Peugeot cars. Peugeot also may use the internet to advertise, by advertising in Spanish an using advertising subjects based on Argentina. Also The economic growth suggests that there must be a better standard of living Argentina. This would mean they would have more income, which means that they can afford expensive, Luxury and Quality cars and other things. So this is why Peugeot came to Argentina. Argentina has a developed automobile industry; it has twelve international vehicle manufacturers. ...read more.


The market was initially closed to foreign competition, also shielded by protectionist commercial practices. Local manufactures produced wide range of vehicles in small branches and they were sold at very high costs. This situation has changed now as local production has grown from less than 100,000units 1990 to a record 458,000 in 1998. This making Argentina the fifteenth vehicle manufacturer. The rapid growth in the automobile industry has caused a bad effect on the market in Argentina, since 1994. But its is said that the industry is slowly recovering as in 2000 they had expected a production volume of approximately 400,000.units. This 30% above of 1999. In Argentina the amount of unemployed figures in 1999 was 14.2%. The total Inflation amount in 1999 was 1.8%. ...read more.

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