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Identify possible areas of conflict between the human resources Functions.

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Identify possible areas of conflict between the human resources Functions A business can get a lot of conflict between the human resource functions, which are human resource planning, recruitment and selection, training and development and performance management. Safeway need to avoid as much conflict as possible, however this is not always easy, because they need to think of other functions for example; the recruitment and selection programme may be recruiting people that don't have the relevant skills. The training and developing team will not be happy in the way that they have recruited and selected these people because they will have to train them of things they should already know which is frustrating. If this occurred in Safeway this will be very time consuming and lead to many problems. ...read more.


Another conflict may be between performance management and training and developing. This is because the employees are getting trained but they may not be using this training to benefit their performance, so the performance management team may feel that the employee has not been trained in those specific areas when he/she has. So they may think that training is not given effectively. So the employees that did not follow training have generated this conflict. If this were to occur at Safeway they should again need to use communication skills to avoid this problem, because this is a simple conflict that can be resolved by simple communication with the two human resources functions. If this was done they will see that the employee was the one who was not following his training techniques. ...read more.


So they will need to be accurate on what to advertise, this is where the problems can occur because the wrong sort of people may be attracted to the job due to bad advertising. So if this was the case at Safeway they will have to interview them not knowing that they don't have the right requirements so this will be time consuming. And the recruitment team will be very frustrated with the human resource planning, because they have done the wrong planning. So for Safeway to avoid this conflict again need more communication between the two functions so each other are aware of what is being done. Also better advertisement is needed e.g. if a job was needed for an assistant manager it should say what sort of manager is needed. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 4: Human Resources E5. Safeway 1 ...read more.

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