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Investigate how Human Resources is managed within Delta International Book Wholesalers Ltd.

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Introduction I have been assigned to write a formal report on the way in which Human Resources is managed within a medium/large sized company. In order to complete this assignment I have chosen to investigate how Human Resources is managed within Delta International Book Wholesalers Ltd. Delta currently employs around 300 staff. I chose this company because I know a member of staff and have always received a positive response when making general enquiries into the organisation and how business is conducted. E1, Functions of the Human Resource Department There are four distinctive functions for which the Human Resource Department is ultimately responsible. They are: 1. Manpower Planning 2. Recruitment and selection 3. Training and development 4. Performance management: appraisals I will clearly explain each of these functions and their importance to the business. 1. Manpower Planning Manpower planning is the activity of management, which is aimed at coordinating the requirements for and the availability of different types of employee. It encourages the business to develop clear links between their business and HR plans so that the two can be integrated as effectively as possible. It also allows the company to control staff costs and numbers employed effectively. Manpower planning has allowed the company to develop a 'skill profile' for each of its employees. They may now be designated to the areas in which they have proved to be most valuable to the organisation. Having a staff database provides the company with information necessary for the operation of an Equal Opportunities policy. If manpower planning works properly staff will be fully utilised to the benefit of the organisation. Staff will do challenging work, which they find motivating and stimulating and overtime will only be done when it is vitally necessary. Staff will always be properly qualified to do the job for which they are allocated. 2. Recruitment and selection One of the most important responsibilities of the Human Resource Department is recruiting and selecting new employees. ...read more.


Interview panels can sometimes find it hard to choose between the final two or three applicants and although they need to know the outcome of the interviews as soon as possible, there should be a thorough analysis of all the information collected about each of them. Key points that must be considered before selecting an applicant include attainments, experience, disposition and reference letters. The job descriptions and person specifications are also used to make the final selection. From these documents a list of selection criteria is devised applicable to the job. Candidates will then be awarded a mark out of ten for each of the criteria. Results will be analysed allowing the panel to see where they have similar marks and where they differ slightly. They then need to discuss these differences and make a final decision. When telling unsuccessful applicants they have failed to get the job, it is important to be polite in order to maintain a respectable image for the organisation. The successful applicant should be notified first of all. They may be looking for other jobs and may turn down the offer. It is wise to wait a day or too before notifying unsuccessful candidates, as they may have to be re considered for the vacancy. E4, Key aspects of training and developing staff and its importance to the business Training may be divided into two categories: 'on the job' training or 'off the job' training. 'On the job' training This means the employee acquires their training or development in the workplace itself. Many people prefer the direct link with their job, as they can see how their training or development contributes to their work. 'Off the job' training This means attending courses away from the workplace. This type of training is important to an employee's career development as well as forming an integral part of a training programme. Non-transferable and transferable skills Skills acquired by employee's can either be transferable or non-transferable. ...read more.


The Human Resource Department is also responsible for carrying out staff disciplinary measures, which can again, conflict with its role in motivating staff and delivering training. Disciplinary measures will be made in attempt to increase the efficiency of the workforce. It involves penalizing certain members of staff as a result of breaking internal legislation, e.g. arriving consistently late for work or harassment of other employees. Some members of staff will react negatively to the close scrutiny of their actions, and in some cases, they will rebel against disciplinary measures, which can ultimately lead to them being asked to leave the organisation. Close scrutiny of staff actions may lead to improved standards of conduct amongst the workforce, as staff realise negative behaviour will not be tolerated. However, some staff will react negatively to the nature of disciplinary measures and feel that it conflicts with the internal culture that has been established within the workforce. It may therefore, have a both a positive and a negative affect on the motivation levels amongst the workforce, depending on the attitude of the employees. Carrying out staff disciplinary measures can remind members of staff of their position within the business, and it may help them realise they are in a workplace, not a social club! The carrying out of staff disciplinary measures can also have an affect on the businesses plans for training and development. It may highlight those employees who demonstrate particular disregard for what the business aims to achieve, and, in some cases, may have an affect on the businesses plans to train and develop certain members of staff. The business will in most cases, re-consider training and developing those employees who are the constant focus of disciplinary proceedings. However, those employees who consistently avoid the glare of disciplinary proceedings demonstrate commitment, and this is where the business may wish to focus much of its attention, with regard to training and development. David Clayton 1 AVCE Business - Human Resources - Anne Knox ...read more.

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