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Is employer X (a university) better than employer Y(the NHS)???

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Is employer X better than employer Y??? To answer the above question I have compared two similar jobs, both related to scientific research but in two different organisations. Both employees had similar qualifications (PHD) and their job description mainly related to leading research activities within the organisation. The first employee works for a university (non-profit private organisation) and the second employee works in the NHS (public organisation, funded by the government) Both of the employees were interviewed using structures questions. The questions were exploring the following aspects of their jobs-: Provision of support, expectations and stress, pay conditions, holidays and time off, fringe benefits, progress prospect work environment etc. Interview number one -Tell me a bit about your job. I started my current job in 1996,originally I was mainly doing research myself with a small component of teaching involved, however over the years the proportion of hands on research has gone down and a bigger proportion is now dedicated to leading other junior researchers. -Did you have any induction period or received adequate support when you started your current job? Yes however it was not formal and I had to learn many aspects myself. -Were there any other people applying for the position when you applied for this job? ...read more.


Interview number two -Tell me a bit about your job. I love my job; I've got plenty of support that makes it more enjoyable. Me and my research assistant develop research protocols, get them through the ethics committee and upon approval we carry out the study which is normally a long process, when we get the results we are expected to write a report on the findings and highlight practice implications. I also provide help, support and encouragement for other midwifes to do research. -Did you have any induction period or received adequate support when you started your current job? Yes I had a full day induction pack which went through routine processes, procedures and policies of my workplace. -Were there any other people applying for the position when you applied for this job? Why do you think you were selected for this job? Yes there were. I was selected because I had new ideas, came across as a self-motivated and pro-active person who showed enthusiasm towards the job. I also had a lot of experience in health services and maternity research and development. -How has your progress been monitored since you started this job? DO you think adequate notice is given to your achievements? ...read more.


Both talk about success and high production motivating them so neither are in the job just for the money. Philip receives no non-financial/fringe benefits whatsoever whereas the Joe receives free business trips abroad. Without fringe benefits an employee may feel it is unfair and be affected by it. In the first interview we are told there is a lot of pressure which effects family life but Joe says it is needed for the job and promotion would not be possible without being under pressure. The second job seems more relaxed the worst fact about the job being politics and changing policies, which is not that bad. Joe gives the impression of being under a lot of pressure as on more than one occasion the answers revolve around stress and pressure. This is not a good sign and immediately the reader feels there is too much pressure upon the first interviewee. The second has stress at times but only whilst at the workplace and a little stress could keep them up to scratch with tasks. They both like researching and think it is exiting. On the whole I think Philip has the better job as although he does not receive as much benefits or paid holidays he receives appraisal, which maintains his positive attitude towards the job whereas Joe is clearly under too much pressure, and this cannot be good for his attitude towards the job. ...read more.

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