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Job specification for a Gym Manager

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´╗┐Unit 4 P3 Job description Job title ? Assistant Manager Location ? Exercise Clinic in Beechview School Description Of Business - The Exercise Clinic is a gym serving the local area, dealing with general public and exercise recommendations. It is excellent value for money, has professional staff and a great atmosphere to work out to in addition, it has great equipment for you to use Purpose of Job ? The purpose of this job is to help the director of the business and if they are not in then you are the main person of the business and you must be able to serve the customers in a ideally manner Main Tasks ? 1. Give discounts of people over 65 2. ...read more.


more than grade C Job Type: Job Hours: Monday to Friday 09:00 to 15:30 Pay and Benefits £35,000 - £40,000 P/A, 20 days holiday time and Free Gym Membership Promotion - after a year, you can apply to have free gym membership very weekend and have the right to have a holiday with is maximum of 20 outing days Reporting - You must reports to the manager – (Mr Jason Coucher) Purpose of the job – To make sure that the business is running smoothly and swiftly. And to boost the customer and the business associations. Person specification Personal Qualities – I have very good teamwork skills that I can use for making the business very successful, also I have motivation that gives me a boost to getting my career successful. ...read more.


I can also serve the clients who visit the gym and serve them the lowest price you can give me which improves the benefits between us and the customers. Special Abilities ? As I got An A in GCSE Maths, I have great numeracy skills such as how much the customer need to pay to get their service and how many money we made in a day. In addition, I have good communication skills which is important everyday which can improve the confidence between me and the customers who want to enjoy their time in the exercise clinic Clearance ? I have never been convicted of a crime and never been arrested in my whole life. ...read more.

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