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Kindred Spirits Hotel - Case study

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Kindred Spirits Hotel CASE STUDY Problem #1 Identify and Define the Problem: Before Greta became the owner of the Kindred Spirits Hotel, there had always been a comfortable, family atmosphere, but this was turned upside down by her presence. She was cold and uncommunicative. She would yell at the employees and reprimand them in front of employees and guests. She also insisted not working the breakfast shift. This was hard on the staff because major decisions needed to be made at that time and Greta was unavailable. As well, she fired three workers to cut costs. However, the work needing to be done did not decrease, she just expected everyone to do more. This made it difficult to feed guests breakfast, check out guests, and clean the rooms before new guests arrived. Most days, new guests had to wait for their rooms. Sometimes, they left and went to other hotels. Revenues were down 18% over last year at this time and profits had decreased 25%. ...read more.


You might say, "How fast will the benefits occur and will a positive impact be achieved?" Most of these alternatives will take effect right away, but in order to increase the revenue and profit we are looking at long-term goals. The staff should support these entire solutions listed above because no matter how you look at it, Greta has to give back to the hotel. All of these alternatives will rekindle the staff's morale, giving them the boost they need to do a hard day's work. The hotel will prosper once again. If Greta can't adapt then she should sell the business to someone who can make the business a more profitable one. She might also consider promoting Greg to manage the hotel and delegate total authority to him, removing herself from the operations. The staff respect Greg and have worked well with him in the past. Greg has had plenty of experience having these priorities before - in the last two years the previous owner had left much of the management decisions up to him. ...read more.


It is very important that she does not lose Greg, who is a valuable asset to the hotel and her business, else her problems may escalate. Greta could call a meeting with the staff and brainstorm together. 11 spaces are not enough for their guests to park. If they are unsuccessful with city council, they could expand their capacity by renting more property, build an underground garage or designate an area for parking. One spot per employee, one spot per guest. If an indoor garage were to be built, additional expenses would be incurred. The hotel might approach the city to help cover these additional costs. To earn money back, a fee should be charged for the use of the garage. Choose a Solution The easiest and most economical solution is for city council to grant parking on the street. The best chances for this happening would be if Greg were to present the hotel's case at the council meeting. Greta should recommend that Greg attend. If this fails, the hotel should negotiate to pay for additional parking, where the costs are passed on to the hotel guests using the parking facilities. ...read more.

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