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Manchester Airport unit 2 theme d level 3

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Theme D Level 3 Analyse the effectiveness of the recruitment procedure of the business when selecting staff The recruitment procedure at Manchester Airport helps them to appoint the best candidate. At first the identification of the vacancy makes it clear that a new employee is needed and therefore the employers at Manchester Airport are certain to clearly state what type of a person is needed in the form of a job description and a person specification. Then they advertise the vacancy in a way to make it possible for the most amounts of people to see and know about that a vacancy is available resulting in more applicants and a variety of skills within the applicants giving Manchester Airport a better chance of short listing the applicants and undoubtedly identifying which employees should be interviewed. This would mean that after selecting an applicant after the interviews you will be selecting the best from the best. There are some areas of the procedure that I would make changes to which then in my opinion would get better candidates. ...read more.


if the Human Resources department had to select 50 applicants for an interview it is a lot easier to select 50 applicants from 1000 than to select 50 applicants for 5000. This would result in more appropriate applicants enabling Manchester Airport to select and appoint the best. Judge the likelihood of the success of your application I think that my CV covered most of the aspects which Manchester Airport required as it included my personal details, my employment history, my education, additional information and a personal statement which was not asked for. However I did not include any information on offences as I had nothing to write about myself regarding offences and I didn't include anything on identification and equal opportunities. However I feel that my CV overall has more strengths than weaknesses because I added a personal statement i.e. I gave extra additional information about myself. Secondly my letter covered most of the points. I have included information about myself; I said why I would like to be considered for the job, my interests, what I am like as a person and I also included a line concluding that I am able to come for an interview at any time during that week. ...read more.


For example if I wanted to do move on and apply for the Commercial Manager job which is on management level in the Terminals Management Team then I would be given training to develop my management skills, communication skills to be able to communicate with the 4 other people on the same level as me and the person who works under me, who I am in charge off. I will also be trained how to use other programs on the computer to help me to produce commercial products using the computer and new ICT technology to enable me to do my job effectively. I would receive ongoing training on how to communicate effectively and the health and safety as it will change often. After every few years I would be retrained on how to use new advanced technology and I would receive appraisal and training to identify the skills that I need to do my job effectively and I would set targets whilst discussing with my manager. I would also identify future training needs. ?? ?? ?? ?? Waqas Safdar ...read more.

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