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Manufacturing systems and technology - Manufacturing industry sectors Vosper Thornycroft plc

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Unit 6: Manufacturing systems and technology Manufacturing industry sectors Vosper Thornycroft plc Vosper Thornycroft plc are a provider of services and products for Governments and Government Agencies internationally. They employ around 10,000 people globally have had a turnover of �479,000,000 for 2002 and made 34.1million pounds in profit post tax. Akcros Chemicals Akcros Chemicals is one of the market leaders in Polymer Additives and High Performance Polysulphide Chemicals for sealants. Akcros is part of the market-driven, technology-based Dutch Chemicals multinational, Akzo Nobel NV. Akcros operates as a distinct Business Unit within the Chemicals sector of the Akzo Nobel Group of companies, comprising many global leadership positions in the Coatings, Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Industries. They make a wide range of additives for the PVC market, including Heat Stabilisers (Mixed Metal and Organotin based), Biocides, Epoxy Plasticisers, Bonding Agents, Antistatic Additives and Viscosity Modifiers. ...read more.


BT- British Telecommunications BT is one of Europe's leading providers of telecommunications services. Its principal activities include local, national and international telecommunications services, higher-value broadband and Internet products and services, and IT solutions. In the UK, BT serves over 21 million corporate and residential customers with more than 28 million exchange lines, as well as providing network services to other licensed operators. BT employs approximately 108,600 relevant to march 31st 2002. BT had a turn over of �24,642,000,000 last year In 2002 BT made �1,018,000,000 in post-tax profit. British Aerospace BAE SYSTEMS is a global systems company dedicated to making the intelligent connections needed to deliver innovative solutions to there customers. They have international reach on all continents as a prime contractor and systems integrator in the air, land, sea, space, and command and control market sectors. There world-class capabilities combine key in-depth skills in naval platforms, military aircraft, electronics, systems integration and other technologies. ...read more.


Ford Employing more than 18,000 people across 16 locations, Ford Motor Company Limited has been the UK market leader for 25 consecutive years in an increasingly competitive new car market. Ford has also led the light commercial market for 22 successive years and the medium commercial market for a record 35 year Ford employs 18124 people. Has had a profit of �1.38 million for last year. Jarvis plc Not many people have heard of Jarvis plc, an unglamorous outsourcing company focused mainly on government contract work. But the Potters Bar rail crash, which occurred on a stretch of railway line that Jarvis is responsible for maintaining, could changed all that. Jarvis plc is the biggest railway maintenance company in the U.K it has approximate 8,000 employees has had a turnover of �534.4m in 2002 and made post tax profit of �19 million. o In the U.K 17% of the population are working in engineering. It represents a GNP of about 13.9% for the whole U.K. ...read more.

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