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Moral and motivation report - Working with people in teams.

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TERMS OF REFERENCE I Amanda Robinson, Assistant Personnel Manager with James Watt Hotel, have been asked by the Personnel Manager to submit a report on the subject of Moral and Motivation within the organisation. This report is a result of problems that have been highlighted by a preliminary survey conducted by an independent body. Report to be submitted by 28 January 2003. PROCEDURE . After studying the preliminary report I spent 2 weeks researching the problem of Moral and Motivation within the hotel. My research took the form of observations and face-to-face interviews. Also researched were the personnel records of staff within the hotel. My observations gave me insight into how staff interacted with each other, management and our customers. Face- to- face interviews randomly selected from various departments within the hotel gave me great insight into more detailed problems and grievances felt by a number of staff. My reasoning for researching personnel records was to collect information on indicators of low moral such as level of absenteeism, level of grievances, incidence of complaints and the high level of staff turnover. FINDINGS The following problems have been identified from the preliminary survey conducted by an independent body. * Staff believe they are overworked. * Staff believe pay is low. * Staff believe promotion prospects are poor. * Staff believe little/no training is given. * Staff believe they are not encouraged to air grievances. * Staff perceive a "them and us" attitude between them and management. ...read more.


A bonus system could also be put in place for chambermaids providing rooms were cleaned to the highest standards and benchmark targets were met. Bonus systems for employees successfully attending and completing training courses could also be implemented. Fredrick Taylor and early century management consultant believed that the promise of higher wages would create and added incentive for workers to exceed an average level of work in some instances. TEAMWORKING, GOAL SETTING, PARTICIPATION IN DECISION MAIKING The formation of work teams throughout the hotel would also benefit motivation. It would give employees a greater degree of control over their own work. They should as a team set their goals to be achieved. By letting employees partake in the decisions of the group staff will get along with one another better and individuals within the group will have the support of the group. This should help in the problems of the same staff doing a majority of the work while other sit by and watch. JOB ENHANCEMENT As there is a separate staff room for the housekeeping staff I would recommend this room be redecorated with bright warm colours. Fredrick Herzberg's hygiene theory concluded that the working environment played an important factor in moral and motivation. The possibility of supplying kitchen porters with their overalls could be explored along with arranging Basic Food and Health courses and certificated courses such as 706/1 and 706/2 for interested members of staff. ...read more.


By seeking the view of employees and acting on their feedback, employees can benefit from a motivated workforce. Attitude surveys can also be a useful tool for assessing whether employees understand the company's strategic priorities, and for measuring the impact of any major changes it has made. COUNSELLING INTERVIEWS- These are interviews in which open-ended questions are asked to encourage the interviewee to speak at length. It helps employees to unload problems and it's believed that the employee benefits psychologically. Outside agencies should be used to give the interviews to eliminate interviewer bias. EXIT INTERVIEWS- This is given when an employee is leaving the organisation. This benefits the organisation as they receive a more honest reply as the leaving employees feels he can speak more easily. This can provide essential information on moral and motivation problems throughout the hotel. CONCLUSION Simply by making a few adjustment in our working procedures can have great impact on others. Simply by saying please and thank you can lift a person's spirits. At the end of the day the loser is the hotel, as customers just wont return. It is vital to remember that all changes must be on going and monitored to judge their effectiveness. Remember that a happy customer will tell only 3 people, whereas an unhappy customer will tell nine other people. For the continued success of this organisation we cannot ignore these problems. For clarity on any aspect of this report please do hesitate to contact myself, Amanda Robinson, Assistant Personnel Manager, ext 1888 Word Count 2549 MORAL AND MOTIVATION REPORT BY AMANDA ROBINSON - WORKING WITH PEOPLE IN TEAMS ...read more.

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