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People in Business M&S

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Coursework theme B The store service manager works in the back Marks and Spencer's. HR Manager looks after 10 different stores and is in charge of recruitment etc. How the organisational structure affects communication between employees All businesses need to be organised, the way they are organised is called their organisational structure. The structure for different businesses varies depending on: * The size of the business * The amount of employees they have * The types of jobs these employees do * The types of goods/services the business provides In the Marks and Spencer's, there is a long chain of command. This affects the communication between employees by slowing it down. This is because any information that needs to be passed up the chain from the bottom to the top of it or the other way around has to be passed on through all of the different levels in the structure, which takes a long time. So if Marks and Spencer's decided that they wanted to decrease the employees pay, because the business was not making enough profit and M&S could not afford to carry on paying it's employees that amount. That information would have to be passed down through all of the levels in Marks and Spencer's, before the employees would hear about their pay reduction. Also the chain of command slows communication down not just between levels, but also between individual employees within the levels. ...read more.


If you do get on to the BIG you can stay on for three years but then you have to be re-elected. Business involvement groups are there for the staff's interests and improve communication because it means that the staff on it are all working together to resolve issues and problems. For instance, if a lot of the employee's had been complaining about the length of their morning break time, the BIG could discuss the problem and resolve it by making the lunch break shorter and using that extra time for the morning break. On top of that they communicate better with the higher up people within M&S' organisational structure as they are the first people in their stores to know what is happening in the business. Like if Marks and Spencer was going to do a huge promotion on their new range of organic food. The employees in the BIG would find out about it first and be able to discuss certain ideas that could help to promote the new range in their store. The appropriateness of Marks and Spencer's organisational structure for enabling employees to work together effectively The organisational structure Marks and Spencer's have is very large as it is a very large business. This could mean that the employees cannot all work together as effectively. However there is not a need for the employees in completely different areas to co-operate and work together. ...read more.


Mary would be happy to work part time in the school holidays. Jennifer is a Section Co-ordinator who works full time. She works the same hours as Mary but gets paid �7.00 per hour. She wants to start training to be a section manager, but the problem is she also wants to start working part-time as she has just got back from maternity leave. The training to be a section manager takes nine months, although if she was to work part-time, Jennifer would need longer to train. But after her baby is a year old, she would like to start working full-time again. In the future Marks and Spencer might consider making the length of training time more flexible so that all of its employees have the chance to work their way up the career path. For Jennifer, the ideal amount of time for training would be one year, because towards the end of the course, she would be able to start working full time again as her baby will be a year old. James works full-time as a Trainee. He works seven hours a day, from ten till five, six days a week and is paid �5.50 an hour. He would like to earn more money by working more hours but is currently unable to as trainees can only work for a certain amount of hours per week. M&S might consider making the amount trainees can work more flexible in the future so that employees have the freedom to work more or less hours. Emma Brown 10TDW ...read more.

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