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Planning involves setting objective and decision in the organisation, in order to achieve its goals. For example Ocean view hotel, was successful when Meg Barrows was running the hotel and now they need to make it successful again

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Ocean View Hotel Task 1: The function of management is what manager does in the organisation and following functions are: * Planning involves setting objective and decision in the organisation, in order to achieve its goals. For example Ocean view hotel, was successful when Meg Barrows was running the hotel and now they need to make it successful again. The planning of the hotel would be this time to set up new objectives and new decision. Other planning will include food menu, staff-meeting, rotas for staff and events happening in the hotel. * Organising- this would be the manager setting task individuals and pairs. Organising the staff's wages. Organising meeting with staffs and suppliers. Ocean view hotel will have to make sure that dining hall is clean, well organised table with its menu book on each table. While guest are out of their rooms, that the cleaners, clean the rooms. * Controlling- making sure all individuals fits in with plan, to establish performance objective of the hotel and to monitor staffs. For example Ocean view hotel will want to control staff performance, to see how well staffs are doing and see if some of the staff needs training and development. * Co-ordinating- If Ocean view hotel employees co-operates to the planning and organising everything its done and then the manager will bale to co-ordinate successfully. This shows that Ocean view hotel is achieving together has a team and this when co-ordinating is made. ...read more.


From looking at your report, your staffs know more knowledge about the hotel than you, since they have been working for a very long time. So they seem to be well trained and capable, as manager you would be probably as k for ideas and what to do next. The suitable of management style for is consulting manager, because you would be able set goals and will encourage your employee's teamwork, communication will good. Employees been motivated and this will have low absenteeism. Task 2 Motivating your staff- this means encouraging your staff, giving them feedback, rewarding them. They need to be given tasks as individual or as team. That will develop their skills. Without over challenging them, staffs need to clear about what is being expected from them, what authority they have and what outcomes are required. Delegations of task can be used to help staff work in new ways and develop their skills. Their motivation can be increased by being the responsible for new project, providing they are helped to learn and how to do it. Without delegation can lead to de-motivating. As manager you need to set out a questionnaire to see the employees, what encourage them to do more and what causes them dissatisfaction at work. Looking the motivation theories, some has suggested that some people are motivated different variety of things. As been said in theory motivation. That not all staff are motivated by money Motivational issues: Some employees will think changes are going to affect their job and don't feel very happy about that. ...read more.


For example the existing staff might innovative and the new staff may be able to offer suggestions through his or her won knowledge's or ideas. Staff can become de-motivated if they controlled too much. For example they may feel unable to act without asking first, so that is one of things that you should look out when managing your staff. If you motivated staff, it will make them enthusiastic. Progress should be kept low, because staff lose track of where they are and what is going on. Staff may feel too much delegation and the manager don't do any work. Feedback from staff- what they thought about change how they dealt with and nay additional information that they would like to discuss with the manager. Staff meeting - this will involve sharing ideas, getting all the member point of opinions and solving problem together. Training and developing staff- too see if the staffs need training or developing. For example in the hotel the exiting staff will need developing and new staff will need training. Mentoring- while existing and new staff doing they job should be mentored, until they get the idea of doing thing right stuff in the right way. That should only apply some staff. Because staff fast learners. Participation should involve, because it is achievable when giving: Introduction-introduces new items in the hotel and new staff. Motivation- encouraging contributions from member of the hotel. Listening- listen to the others, by giving body language, such as eye-contact and head nodding. Question to clarify understanding. Always try to see and understand other people point of view. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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