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Produce an investigation into how a chosen company can improve its customer service.

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Introduction For my coursework I have to produce an investigation into how a chosen company can improve its customer service. In my investigation I will: * Identify and describe the different types of customers and their needs * Identify and analyse the skills required in customer service. * Account how the organisation chosen has incorporated consumer protection into its customer service policy. * Describe how the organisation uses customer service to meet customer needs as well as strategic objectives. The company which I have chosen to do an investigation on is Sainsbury's. Sainsbury's is a supermarket based around the U.K. Sainsbury's has to deal with high competition from other supermarket such as, Asda, Safeway, Tesco and other companies. For this reason Sainsbury's must offer something which the other supermarkets don't, a way they can do this is to offer good customer service. What is Customer Service? Sainsbury's main objective is to make a large profit, to do this they have to meet their objectives. There main objective is customer service, which deals with the satisfaction of the customer. It's not enough for the customer to be 'always right' any more. He or she shouldn't have to argue the case. Dazzling customer service is the only way to guarantee customer loyalty. Price competition and product promotion have a role to play, but the smartest companies are recognising that their greatest assets are their own people and their existing customers. When they work well together, business snowballs. Customer service can be anything to do with making sure the customer has a pleasant visit at the supermarket. A simple thing as showing a smile to customers or giving assistance can go a long way. Customer service is basically providing the customer with what they need and trying their best to keep them happy. Sainsbury's have thousands of visitors and so there is bound to be a diversity of customers. ...read more.


This is ideal for people carrying toddlers, as it more convenient to change the baby there, than going all the way home to do it. The trolleys at Sainsbury's also have a baby carrier, which makes it easier and more comfortable for shoppers carrying babies. Sometimes however the baby carrying trolley are taken up and so a way they can improve the situation is by having more baby carrying trolleys available. The isles at Sainsbury's are also wider than normal to provide space for prams. Wider isles can take up too much space and therefore Sainsbury's may not be able to fit all the products they hoped they could. Also trolleys which have baby carriers can be more costly than ordinary ones, which can affect profit in a negative way. Near top the entrance of the supermarket is a customer service desk, which deals with any complaints or queries a customer has. This is a good place where Sainsbury's can get feed back from their customers. A customer may suggest any improvements which can be made etc. The customer service desk also deals with any refunds, in a case where the customer is not totally satisfied with their product they bought. If a customer knows that they can give back certain items then they will feel more secure about where they are buying their products from. A weakness of this can be that not many people have any queries or problems, so people who work at that desk may not have much to do. People can also take advantage of the money back policy. For example a person may buy an electrical appliance to use for a day or so and then return it because they cannot afford it. They can improve this by having a bell at the desk so when assistance is needed at the desk the customer simply presses the bell, and a member of staff will come and assist, which can save the employers time to do something more useful. ...read more.


This Act provides a boundary where it is a criminal offence for producers to supply goods, which may be faulty or unsafe. The Act states the rules for governing the use of such terms as 'Sale prices', 'Reduced price' and bargain offer prices reduced in this way must be genuine offers. Data Protection Act (DPS) 1984 This deals with the collection, storage and destroying of personal data. It keeps personal information held by organisations on computer file and paper records secure. Every time a form is filled in by a consumer from a business or a customer you can be sure that all personal details will be used for marketing purposes only or customer orders. The problem for the consumer about the information held is that it may be incorrect or misleading. Conclusion After doing an investigation on the customer service at Sainsbury's I have learnt the different types of customers which Sainsbury's have and their different needs. I have learnt the different objectives, which Sainsbury's try to meet in order to create good customer service, and how Sainsbury's monitor their customer service. After looking at Sainsbury's I can see that Sainsbury's have a pretty good customer service, but it can be improved in certain areas, such as price etc. Customer Service Questionnaire To find out how the customers at Sainsbury's found the customer service I did a survey, asking 25 random customers at Sainsbury's the results were as follows: 1.) Are happy are you with the current customer service at Sainsbury's? 2.) On a scale of 1-10 how happy are you with the checkout times? 10 being the best and 1 being the poorest. 3.) Are you happy with the fresh food? 4.) On a scale of 1-10 how helpful are the staff at Sainsbury's? 10 being the best, and 1 being the poorest. 5.) Which of the following would you want to be improved at Sainsbury's in relation to customer service? a.) Car Park b.) Price c.) Checkouts d.) Quality of products Example of nectar card Examples of Disabled Toilets Example of disabled parking Example of baby carrying trolleys ...read more.

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