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Recruitment and Selection.

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It is necessary for businesses to recruit staff in order for it to operate. A business may need staff to fill vacancies that may arise following resignation of staff, retirement or even dismissal. It may also be due to growth of a business, because if a business decides to expand, then it will require more staff to support the running of it. Also, if job roles are changed, then it may also be necessary to hire new staff, or perhaps if staff within the business are promoted, then their positions need to be filled. To make sure that the correct people are selected for recruitment, the human resources department must put them through accurate and appropriate recruitment and selection processes. This needs to include careful consideration of the correct times and procedures of advertising jobs, assessing carefully application forms, CV's and letters of application. Creating job descriptions and person specifications is also important to outline the functions of the job. Lastly, it is important to shortlist the candidates correctly, to ensure they are suitable for the designated job. At Birmingham City Council, the Recruitment Team is responsible for creating and practicing first-rate recruitment and selection policies. The team work on acquiring recruitment policies and procedures, and offering advice on this. There are two main types of recruitment, which are internal recruitment and external recruitment. Internal recruitment involves recruiting people who are already part of the business, so it is giving them promotion to a higher position. This can give staff something to work towards, so they will work harder in order to reach their aim. It also has its advantages for the business, because it can save on costs it would usually use for training, as they would already have some knowledge of the business. ...read more.


Catering and domestic jobs come through the Environmental and Consumer Services Department, and the Education department. A basic Food Hygiene Certificate is needed for catering jobs, although the rest of the domestic jobs don't require any qualifications, but training can be given through the 'Birmingham Voice' newspaper. Professional jobs like computer programmers require specialist experience and qualifications. Teaching jobs need professional training, specific qualifications and experience. Technical jobs very often require a mathematics qualification, and can sometimes provide training, which can lead to HND's or BTEC's Typical application forms for Birmingham City Council look like the one on the next page, and there is also an example of the online application process. The standards set by Birmingham City Council are for application forms to fully meet the person specification, and then if they do, then candidates will be selected for interview. All sections of the application form must be completed clearly and with plenty of detail. Applicants must also fill in the Recruitment Monitoring section and the Data Protection Act 1998 Consent Form. If it isn't possible for applicants to complete the application form, they are able to ask someone else to complete it for them; and disabled people have the option of sending their application by tape, providing they follow the format of the application form on their recording. Application Form Format: Section 1: Vacancy Details This section is sometimes previously completed by the department, but if it hasn't been, then applicants must refer to the job advertisement for details. Section2: Personal Details This section is necessary so that applicants can be contacted. It is only necessary for applicants to mention whether they have a driving licence, if that is a requirement for the job. ...read more.


To make every effort when employees become disabled, to ensure they stay in employment. To take action to ensure that all employees develop the appropriate level of disability awareness needed to make the commitments work. Each year, we will review the five commitments, assess what has been achieved and plan ways to improve. Then we will let employees and the Employment Service know about progress and future plans. Birmingham City Council also has a Positive Action Employment Strategy, which encourages different groups of people to apply for certain jobs, where they are under-represented. The strategy has various schemes, which will provide appropriate training for these people; the schemes include New Deal, Supernumerary Employment Scheme, Bridges Into the Future and Employment of young Persons Scheme. New Deal- To support disadvantaged unemployed groups in the labour market. Through this scheme, Birmingham City Council managed to recruit over 150 people by October 2001 Supernumerary Employment Scheme- To support people with disabilities. Every year this scheme provides temporary employment and training contracts for up to 20 disabled people, which usually last 9 months. This scheme has proved successful, and between October 1999 and November 2001, 91% of people who attended this scheme gained permanent employment. Bridges Into the Future- To ensure a racially diverse workforce, with the main aim being to promote more black and ethnic groups to take part in long-term recruitment. Employment of Young Persons Scheme- Offering various jobs especially for 16-18 year olds. With this scheme, 16-18 year olds are usually given 12-months work experience, leading to an NVQ qualification, and then allowing them to apply for jobs at the council. Members of Birmingham City Council's Human Resources department may find a recruitment policy an important document to refer to, particularly useful for new members of the department. ...read more.

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