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Recruitment and selection process for Boots.

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Recruitment and selection process for Boots. The recruitment and selection process is used to employ new people for the organisation, company or business. The recruitment process can be quite expensive due to the work and staff involved. Money is needed to advertise the position in newspapers, replying to candidates, paying interviewers, and also if candidates are successful then money will be needed to actually train them. In the selection process there are five main areas which are completed - * Job descriptions * Person specifications * Advertising * Selection process * Interviewing Job descriptions A job description is a list of the main tasks required to full fill the position. I have gathered evidence of a job description from Boots. The job description which I have collected states all of the tasks which are required, but in an actual job description only the main tasks will be noted. I have also got a job description from my local job centre but the information given is not enough for what would be required by an applicant. The description does not show the days which will be worked or even the type of work which will be required. More and more organisations like Boots, Marks and Spencer and Tescos have job descriptions for every job, from a Cleaner to a Managing Director. ...read more.


Advertising Advertising is the main method used to attract people to apply for a job. An advert for a job may be put up in a shop window but the most frequent and popular option is to put the advert into the newspaper. If an advert is set in a shop window the main information set would be the actual position and the number of hours. Usually for a shop application applicants are requested to hand in a CV. But with an advert placed in the newspaper the information required is much greater. Usually a job description will be set in the newspaper with the person and address to apply to. When drafting an advertisement there are a few points which are considered such as- the job description, type of person, pay and conditions, place of work, how to apply and where the advert should be placed. Many companies also place adverts at places such as job centres. People applying through job centres may also show that the person is determined to find a job and is a willing person and wants to work. Boots usually have adverts in the window of their store but unfortunately I was unable to receive the advert because of the minimum numbers they had but I was able to get some information of a job description for Boots from the job centre. ...read more.


If the applicant has children then the employer may presume that the applicant may need to leave anytime in an emergency but if a person is single then the applicant may have nothing better to do then just work. Interview The final stage of the recruitment process is the actual interview. An interview is the most common way of finding out more about the applicant. There are the individual interviews and there are the group interviews where a task will be set. The tasks can vary from a short test to role play and trying to sell a product to the interviewer. At Boots the interview is usually done by group interviews. I know this because I have actually experienced an interview at Boots and I have asked the manager about the interviews. The interview is the place where the employer and candidates meet. This is there the employer can find out anything they want about the candidate, like the persons history, past experience and find out their general personality. The employer is able to look at their appearance, their voice and any qualities they may have. But inconsideration there is a certain amount of pressure on the candidate because they want the job very much and this may result in the candidate changing their personality and feeling very nervous. This shows that Boots is a very demanding company and are looking for special individuals with special skills. ...read more.

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