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Shareholders - Tesco

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Stakeholders are a particular group of people with an interest in the business. These interests are all different and each individual group has a different concern. There are a lot of different stakeholders. Tesco's different stakeholders are: 1. Employees 2. Customers 3. Pressure Groups 4. Local Community 5. Government 6. Suppliers 7. Financiers 8. Shareholders Customers A customer wants to buy good quality goods and want to get them cheap. They want a variety of products to choose from and expect them to come from a clean, friendly environment. The customers want all these things and if Tesco provides them then they will gain more customers from word of mouth. They also need their customers as they are the source of income as they buy products and act as a pressure group to the business. They act as a pressure group because they put an awful amount of pressure on Tesco to meet their needs. These can be such things as improving their store and even expending it. Tesco receive comments from the customers which make them improve their business and making themselves more competitive. The customers influence Tesco by these comments and Tesco are encouraged to improve their store for the sake of their customers. Tesco has responded to their customers influence by making changes to their store to suit the customer's needs. The customer's comments make the most impact because they are telling Tesco exactly what they think of the store and what changes are needed to be made to improve it further. The customers are very powerful as they can create these changes, by writing comments and posting them in the comment box which Tesco empties regularly to try and impress their customers more and more every day, these comments can be such things as 'the toilets are not clean enough' or that 'there is no staff to ask for help from'. ...read more.


Local Community The local community is a big influence on Tesco as their house prices are affected by Tesco. Their house prices could go up or down depending on the sort of expansion they are producing. It can adversely effect the area. Tesco's neon sighs are very bright and the traffic that builds up outside the shop creates noise and pollution. Since Tesco has had a twenty-four hour opening the safety of the neighbourhood is more at risk with it staying open so late because more and more people are going into the store and causing bother as they may be intoxicated or youngsters may just be going out of their way to cause hassle. If trolleys are taken off the site and left lying around nearby houses it creates an awful lot of litter and makes the place look untidy. If the local community is unhappy with Tesco they will protest. This creates a lot of bad publicity for the shop and Tesco does not want that so they try their best to keep the local community happy. Some things have been done because if the local community protesting or simply being unhappy with some efforts that have but been made by Tesco. These things involve trolleys being left around and near the site of Tesco. The local community does not want trolleys making their neighbourhood look untidy. As a result of this Tesco are putting forward more funds to retrieve their trolleys and employing new staff to collect trolleys for the local community's convenience. The large sign at the front of Tesco has been covered up/hidden by trees and bushes as a result of one of the complaints that may have been made by the local community. Another thing which has caused upset within the local community was the large neon sign that was going to be placed up for Tesco as Tesco needs to advertise. ...read more.


If the management purchase them and then the customers decide they do not want that particular product anymore then the management will have wasted some of their money on goods that will have to be reduced to even have a chance of being sold. The customers want good quality, value for money products which will be there, and there are enough of them, for all the customers that want them. They do not want the products to run out over time, they want them there when and where the customers need them. The customers need a range of products to choose from also so that they are not reduced to only choosing from one particular make. This conflict has been resolved by just-in-time stock ordering. This means that the management can have the products on the shelves ready for the customers for when and where they need them. They also don't have to worry about ordering too many products and having to reduce the price of them to sell them. If the management has some idea of how many of a certain product that the customer wants then they will get the right amount and keep their profits up and their customers happy. Financiers and Shareholders The conflict between these two stakeholders is the fact that they both want provision of finance at a cost that both of them will be able to afford. The shareholders want to be able to borrow money from the financers at a reasonable interest rate which they will be able to pay back. The shareholders want this money so that they can expand their current business and improve it for their customers, local community and pressure groups. They want a good background with the financiers as well so that they will get this good interest rate. If they do not have a good background with the financers then they might not get a good interest rate or they could even get refused for a loan because they don't pay their money back in time. ?? ?? ?? ?? Gemma Thompson 10S 10/05/2007 Mrs Temple-Jones GCSE Business ...read more.

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