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Starbuck's, Nordstrom, Boeing, Costco and Wal-Mart have all been chosenas Fortune Magazine "USA 100 Best Companies to Work For"

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Starbuck's, Nordstrom, Boeing, Costco and Wal-Mart are leaders in their industry and have been doing business successfully. During the research on their Human Resource Management (HRM), I can see their successes are firmly related to their effective and efficient HRM strategies. There are many factors in common among these five companies' HRM strategies: devotion to employees' benefits, employee training, a diversified work environment, promotions and rewards system, friendly and healthy workplace and outsourcing opportunities, Starbuck's business has been boosting year by year. For many people that have had Starbuck's coffee, they may notice that Starbuck's customer service is outstanding. ...read more.


From its website introduction, it is not hard to find that Nordstrom gives employees an excellent rewards system to encourage higher standard service, and it values employees at different levels. Every employee that works at Nordstrom will feel he or she has been paid attention to and is part of company. Boeing, world-famous airplane maker, provides the most advanced and diversified employees benefits I have ever known. Boeing knows treating employees generously will bring more profits and competitive advantage. In addition, Boeing provides a bright and clear career growth path for its employees, and it will definitely add to their confidence and efforts working at Boeing. ...read more.


Wal-Mart embraces diversity at all levels in its organization. Wal-Mart also has an Open Door Policy in which every associate is encouraged to bring any suggestions to their supervisor. Inside Wal-Mart, they administer a company-wide Grass Roots Survey, which allows associates to confidentially raise difficult issues about their managers, policies and the company in general. Wal-Mart's innovative and effective HRM strategies make it such a successful company. People play a very important role in every company's business process and success. "People" here means not only customers, but also employees. Employees are the companies' first customers. How well employees perform directly influences a companies' product and service quality. HRM is the most basic and essential management tool in every company. HR functions have great impact on any organization's business. ...read more.

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