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Strategic Solution for Next

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Task G (A1) Strategic Solution for Next Interest for Expansion Next retailers of clothes, home and lifestyle products will be interested in expansion due to the huge success they are in the UK. Therefore they believe that they have the ability to cater for a larger market and will be able to establish themselves a recognised business which is successful and profitable, interesting shareholders to invest in their business which will help eliminate their competitors. Due to Next being a successful business in the UK, they have the ability financially and unity to successfully expand in the UK and worldwide in to European countries. Expansion will aid their business in becoming competitive, creating a better corporate image and increasing sales which will lead to higher profits. After all Next is an organisation which belongs to the private sector. Importance of Change Although Next is a great success due to the way it is trading here in the UK it will not have the same beneficial success in other countries in the European Union. In order for Next to be as successful in France and Germany like it is in the UK it is vital that the business undergoes adequate changes. This is because the consumers at which they are targeting their products and services are different in these countries than the consumers in the UK. ...read more.


These advertisements must not only be in English but also and French and German so that they can be comprehended and are suitable for the people of France and Germany. These advertisements must also meet the laws and regulations that France and Germany establish. This is so that Next abides by the law and successfully appeals to the people of France and Germany. Consumers, Communication, Disabilities & Staffing In order to satisfy the consumers of France and Germany relevant changes must be implemented for success. One of these changes will be that employees must comprehend and have the ability to speak the language of the country they are working in, French or German. Due to English being a European language employees must be able to speak and understand English as well. This is so that employees can communicate amongst themselves as well as internally and externally with the consumers and suppliers. Good communication is vital for Next so that they are able to communicate with the suppliers in order to access goods as well as provide employees and consumers with the facilities that meet their wants and needs as well as meeting the legal requirements e.g. Facilities and services for employees and consumers with impairments and disabilities. ...read more.


Maximising Opportunities Next should take advantage of maximising opportunities which they have been identifying in the business's SWOT Analysis. This is so that they can improve the company and maintain competitiveness resulting in success. One of Next's main opportunities is the size of the market in France and Germany due to the large population. Therefore Next can target their goods and services at a larger market and therefore have more potential customers. This will lead to an expansion in the client´┐Żle base. Another opportunity of expanding in to France and Germany is their high Gross Domestic Product measure. This conveys that the consumers in these two countries will be financially able to shop regularly at Next. Due to their good financial welfare consumers in France and Germany will demand products and services of a high quality as they can afford to pay for the increased costs. By producing high quality products they will be satisfying consumers and abiding with the quality and standard laws designed by the EU and imposed in France and Germany. Therefore Next will maintain and enhance competitiveness which will eliminate competitors leading to high sales, increased profits and a successful business that has successfully managed to adapt and utilise a synthesized strategical solution to operational change improving Next's Corporate image. ?? ?? ?? ?? BY ALKESH PATEL UNIT 22 - EUROPEAN UNION ...read more.

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