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The following report looks closely at someone working in the hospitality industry.

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Hospitality Foundation Assignment One Prepared by Simon Knight Hotel & Tourism Management Level 1 September 2001 Introduction The following report looks closely at someone working in the hospitality industry. The aim is to analyse their job. My research will be carried out by undertaking an interview, asking for a job description and visiting the place of work. I will then come to a conclusion in which I will analyse any shortfalls that may occur. Recommendations will then be made to improve the job performance of the individual. Method An interview with an employee of Ramada-Jarvis Hotel and Resort, Maidstone was carried out. His job title is Breakfast attendant, but he is basically a waiter. His Personnel Manager was emailed to ask for a job description and to establish what his responsibilities are. Information from the hotels website was also used. In order to fully analyse his job fully, the following areas were concentrated on: > The working environment, the type of operation, opening hours, shift patterns etc the person being interviewed is contracted to work > The duties ...read more.


He will also be given one designated job at the end of his shift. This can be setting up for lunch, cleaning glasses, plates and glasses, or cleaning floors and the fridge. > The technical and professional skills needed to be effective Technical skills needed are very basic in terms of service at Breakfast due to the style of service being a self-service buffet. The clearing of tables and relaying was probably the only skills you could loosely call technical considering that has to have those skills to do the job, although these are trained in after employees start. Professional skills refer to the way in which standards are achieved and the slick performance of duties, clearly one can only become professional at something if you have been doing it consistantly for a period of time without fault. > The personal and social skills needed to be effective Personal and social skills are by far the most important in this type of role. ...read more.


The shift patterns of the individual are likely to have an effect on their performance. For example, if they are working unsociable hours or very long shifts, then their standards are likely to drop without a pay rise. Another shortfall that I found was that the hours that were given to the individual did not always suit him. Recommendations > Motives of the employee are a key factor in how well they perform their job. As money is the main motive of this individual, rewards could be given to motivate the employees further. For example, bonuses could be given for a consistantly high standard of work. > If there was more discussion between the employee and the management, more appropriate hours could be given to the employee. > It is important that the hotel make working for them as enjoyable as possible. As if the employees have job satisfaction they will do a better job. > The hotel could offer such rewards as discount breaks to other hotels in the chain in order to encourage the employee to acquire a loyalty to the company. Word count - 1 045 words ...read more.

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