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The Human Resources Function in the Wycombe District Council

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The Human Resources Function in the Wycombe District Council I have elected to use the Wycombe District Council as a large organization to base my analytical report on its Human Resources function. The council is apart of the public sector. A Human Resources or a Personnel Department is vital to a business in order for it to keep track of its employees and help employees resolve any problems that may occur while working. There are four main reasons for having a HR department: * It encourages employers to develop clear links between their business plans and their HR plans so that they can integrate the two more effectively * Organisations can control staff costs and the number of employees more effectively. * Employers can build up a skill profile for each of their employees. This makes it easier for employers to give work where its can be most valued for its organisation. Also plans for training and updating skills can be applied. * It creates a profile of staff (relating gender, race, disability), which is necessary for the operation of Equal Opportunities (which my chosen firm incorporates) Having a HR department has shown the following contemporary changes to businesses: * A decline in the proportion of employees that reside by trade unions. ...read more.


This is very effective as the council is very computer based. Although manual work it self e.g. handwritten letters, have to be manually monitored. With theses resources at their exploitation the council can use these very efficiently to improve and strengthen its taskforce. The ways that have been stated are ways that human resources are active within the business. Human Resources although integrated with Personnel play a very crucial role towards the running of the council on a daily basis. Although work can be monitored, ethical issues are a concern but this issue has no foundation, as most of the employees know that it's apart of the Contract of Employment. Human Resources/Personnel department is regarded highly within the branches of the council due to that all employee records are shown at this particular department. There are 4 main branches within the council: * Property and Housing * Planning Transport & Development * Leisure Health & Community * Corporate Services Human Resources is found in the Corporate Services branch, it is placed highly, overall within the Corporate Services branch, managed under Personnel department. The Human Resources department is sub divided within the Personnel department. All functions (applicable) of Human Resources are integrated within Personal. Personnel has four other departments within: 1. Recruitment 2. Training and Development 3. ...read more.


Excel 97 Introduction 5. Excel 97 Intermediate 6. Excel 97 Advanced 7. Lotus Notes 4.6 The Staff Welfare department looks at whether the employees, are in environments that comply with Health and Safety laws. The day-to-day happenings, in the work area are also monitored. For example if discrimination of any kind happens they are reported to this department and then investigated further. Relevant action is then taken according to what was committed. The Equal Opportunities policy is also, along with the rest of the HR department fabricated from this department. This department is mainly there to help resolve problems that occur in the workplace and make improvements for staff when working. Possible improvements of the workplace, food and drink are also put forward in this area. The Equal Opportunities Policy is the council's way of saying that they have a complete policy for people of an ethnic background and discrimination will not be tolerated of any kind. Below is the Equal Opportunities Policy; along with the Training and Development Programme, the Policy is updated yearly. The last department in Personnel is Terms & Conditions this department looks at various contracts, set by the council to each individual. If any concerns are expressed over certain contracts, this department has a look at possible changes that could be made, to accommodate needs. Other Terms and Conditions that are monitored include dismissal conditions, promotion conditions, contract of employment. ...read more.

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