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The Luton Development Agency.

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The Luton Development Agency. The object of this report is to relate theories and principles of international marketing to the specific characteristics of the Luton business environment. Using the example of the Luton Development agency, relevant theories and issues can be applied in a realistic context. In order to do this a detailed analysis of the Luton business environment is required using a PEST (political, economic, social and technological forces) analysis among other techniques to identify and evaluate the environmental forces that may affect a business. Once these forces have been identified and analysed it will then be possible to determine what opportunities exist and any factors that may prove to be obstacles for the business in question. The prospects of Luton as an investment location can then be considered and evaluated. There are many factors and variables that determine the ability of a company to operate internationally by shaping the market and climate in which it operates. Organisations wishing to operate internationally must therefore carry out a detailed scan of the business environment, they will then be able to identify the nature of its markets, competition and resources available to it. In Luton the environment may be scanned most effectively with a PEST analysis to identify key threats and opportunities. ...read more.


Ethnic mix and the level of education are also important and Luton has an increasingly successful university and strong institutes of secondary education. The other type of social factor are cultural forces, culture may be defined as; 'an integrated system of learned behaviour patterns that are characteristic of the members of any given society'2. Culture can then be broken down into many elements including language, customs, religion, and aesthetics. In the UK the official langue is English and the Church of England is the state religion, however in Luton there are many cultures represented and therefore many languages and religions. Islam and Asian culture are particularly apparent in Luton. Technology always has a large affect on the international business because new products and developments can increase demand and therefore business transactions. Technology can give an organisation a competitive edge with every new implementation of knowledge or equipment. Advances in this field can often prove to be the largest factor in the development of nations, cultures are forced to converge when communication barriers are broken down. It is therefore essential for management to be aware of new technology and how they will affect their organisation. The United Kingdom is one of the worlds leading researchers and users of new technology. ...read more.


In Luton a foreign would be able to take advantage of social responsibility with many consumers here willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products, a high level of disposable income within the UK makes this possible. Luton also has a highly concentrated population of around 200,000 and as in many developed countries experiences rural-urban migration so this it is likely to be increasing. Luton has an international airport so is easily assessable and is in close proximity to London. There is an extensive phone and power network and access to all modern forms of communication. In conclusion Luton would be an ideal location for an international business to operate. On completion of a STEP analysis it is clear that the UK is at the forefront of society anywhere in the world. Luton in particular is suitable because it is in the most affluent region of the UK with international transport and communication links. There may also be an opportunity to open new niche markets because of the high levels of disposable income. 1 Robert Wesson, Modern Government-Democracy and Authoritarianism, 2nd ed. (Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 1985), pp. 41-42. 2 Czinkota et. Al. 3 Albert J. Radler, "Taxation Policy in Multinational Companies," in The Multinational Enterprise in transition, A. Kapoor and Philip D. Grub, eds. (Princeton: Darwin Press, 1972), p.30. ?? ?? ?? ?? MAR09-2 Page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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