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The role of human resource function in a successful organisation.

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The role of human resource function in a successful organisation. Contents page Page numbers Introduction Task 1 - An outline of the Human resource functions Task 2 - Workforce planning Task 3 - Key recruitment documents Task 4 - The importance of training & development Task 5 - Performance management Main body Task 6 - An overview of the HR function at Tesco Task 7 - In depth investigation of Performance Management Task 8 - Interpreting Labour Market information Task 9 - analyse the key recruitment documents Task 10 - Labour Market information and the business Task 11 - the relationship between training & performance Conclusions Task 12 - HRM & Competitiveness Task 13 - conflicts within HRM Task 1 - an outline of the Human resource functions The main purpose of the human resources function is to recruit, select, train and develop staff. This means finding the right people, training and developing them so they achieve their maximum potential and creating systems that achieve high levels of morale and motivation. HR departments also often have the following responsibilities: Workforce planning This department is a major area of HRM. This involves anticipating in advance requirements of the organisation both in terms of employees required and the appropriate skill mix. This will help the firm to predict likely changes in employment required, recognise future trends, in training and employ new human resources to meet these trends. Recruitment and selection Recruitment and selection is about appointing the best person to do the job. Working conditions Working conditions such as the temperature, amount of light, toilet facilities could also affect an employee's motivation. Induction training & career development Induction training is given to a new job holder. This could include: history of the business, tour of the premises, introduction to other employees, health and safety procedures including fire evacuation, being shown how to use machinery. Induction training helps new employees to settle and become effective quickly. ...read more.


They also can use other selection techniques such as application form, curriculum vitae, references, aptitude tests, psychometric tests, group exercises and assessment centres. Curriculum vita A curriculum vita (CV), which the applicant creates, will contain similar information and may be preferable for more senior positions when an application form may not hold sufficient detail. Curriculum vitae will include applicant\'s qualifications, experience and interests. This information will provide sufficient detail to enable a recruiter to build a picture of the applicant\'s suitability, to provide references that can be taken up, and to give starting points for discussion at interview. Objectivity Interviewers should ask the same questions to all candidates so that the process is fair. They should not ask questions that are irrelevant to the job or unfairly discriminate. They need to make a decision on fact rather on personal interviews. Good practice in recruitment When an interviewer is carrying out an interview, in addition to following employment legislation during interviews, the interviewer needs to be: � The interviewer must give a candidate a chance to speck and expand on their answer � The interviewer need to listen carefully � The interviewer must not make any assumptions about the candidate � The interviewer must judge on fact not on opinion Task - 4 the importance of training & development Training should start on the very first day. Training is the main way that a firm invests in its workers. A well- trained workforce will usually be more productive because they're better at their job. They might also be better motivated because they enjoy feeling that they're good at what they're doing. A trained workforce is essential if a business is to remain competitive in a world where customers demand higher standards of goods and services. Staff training is essential if people are to continue to be efficient members of an organisation. The main benefits for the business of successfully training and developing employees will be: � Help employees achieve maximum efficiency in their current jobs, this means they will produce more products in less time and the companies profits and sales will increase. ...read more.


The type of information that Tesco's will provide will be; Job Title, location, hours of work, main purpose of the job, duties and responsilibilities, qualifications, skills and experience. All this information will help to find the best possible candidate for the job. The way that I would improve this document will be, by putting more information about the companies' background. Also by including some performance targets, which the candidate will need to meet. Person specification The person specification at Tesco's shows the skills, qualifications, aptitudes and abilities that a person will require to successfully perform a particular job in the organisation. The type of information included will be qualifications, skills, personal qualities and experience of the ideal candidate. The main strength of this document at Tesco's is that the document describes the ideal person. The main weakness is that it doesn't include things like motivation, phrases such as: are you 'ambitious' 'a self starter' 'able to work on your own?' 'Can you make your own decisions?' All this information will help to find the best possible candidate for the job. The way that I would improve this document will be, by putting in the right aptitude, any special abilities or qualifications that are needed, for example, 'the candidate should be flexible and adaptable and able to work under pressure'. Job advertisement The job advertisement at Tesco's describes the job and tells what skills are required. The main strength of this document is that a lot of people apply for the job, because it includes a lot of information and it is advertise on the internet, job centres and in the actual store. The main weakness is that they do not advertise on the trade journals. The way that I would improve this document is by advertising in educational establishments, such as schools and colleges. This is because it can be a useful source of potential employees. Application form The main aim at Tesco's of an application form is to find out about candidates by asking for information in a structured way. ...read more.

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