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The training and development of employees in William Hill is imperative for the performance or the company as they are in a competitive market. William Hill has to inform workers to be aware of surroundings in the area that they work.

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Training and Development Training Training is essential for both employees and employer if they want to be effective within the organisation and also for a company like William Hill to stay competitive within their market. The reason why training is important to employees is to enable them to achieve their maximum potential in their current position, it is needed also to develop them to create further opportunities within the organisation because employees are likely to be better educated and become multi-skilled. Training should be ongoing within William Hill in developing the employee's skills within the business. William Hill believes training is very essential for their company especially when it proves for employees to develop within the organisation and continuing to meet objective. The training and development of employees in William Hill is imperative for the performance or the company as they are in a competitive market. William Hill has to inform workers to be aware of surroundings in the area that they work. The main types of training which businesses are using are Induction, on and off the job training and induction because they are successful in degree of the work format in different organisations needs. ...read more.


However this may cause complications for the company as the quality of the training depends on the ability of the trainer. William Hill could use this as they could teach employees about what goes on in the business. It's a lot easier for the employee to ask questions about things that they may feel they don't understand and have them answered there and then. Also being able to have areas demonstrated in a practical format would benefit the employee. Apprenticeships Apprenticeships provide people with broad based training along along with key skills. After they complete the course they graduate and become an employee. They aim to give a number of people undergoing training who achieve NVQs of at least level 3 for technical, craft and junior management skills. In my opinion William Hill Smith might not use this as they would probably just have part time workers, e.g. students wanting part time jobs in summer. On the job On the job training is done within the premises. Some jobs require no experience so the training will be done on arrival. This is appropriate in areas like Shop floor workers learning how to use the till, or a new clerical assistant will need to understand the filing system. ...read more.


There are also many ways an employee can be rewarded for their potential, such as promotion, job rotation, job enlargement, and job enrichment. William Hill offer all staff all the opportunity to develop themselves, that is why if one has the ability can progress to management level and then given the opportunity will have to go through management induction program, this will aid William Hill as workers will be more motivated as they will gain a sense of achievement which leads to greater employee retention. Training is very important for William Hill as well staff because well trained workers will be more productive and this will enable the company to meet objectives set which will increase profit. This is also good for employees especially concerning performance relate pay because a higher dividend is given. It will help save cost as there will be less waste due to fewer mistakes made also the corporate image will be enhanced because the work force are better skilled and motivated. Training and Development can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty indirectly as work will be done more efficiently and they will be more motivation to keep customers happy also it can make William Hill more competitive as they will be performing better at work. ?? ?? ?? ?? Winnie cai ...read more.

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