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This is a customer-based assignment, and I have been asked to write a report outlining my personal experience as a customer service agent.

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Customer Service Unit 9 This is a customer-based assignment, and I have been asked to write a report outlining my personal experience as a customer service agent. I must include evidence of my work with at least two different types of customers. I must include evidence of my ability to adapt a different attitude and reaction to different customers needs. Why is good customer service Important Customers-good quality e.g. clean, safe -Helpful staff -Fast/efficient-not rushed -Politeness -Friendly Organisation-repeat business -Recommend to other people i.e. friends or family v Word of mouth v Increase in sales-make more in profit v Enhance the Companies reputation v Staff benefits -pay rise -Make the staff feel more important -They will be more motivated Some examples of the benefits of providing good customer service. Restaurant-fast and nice food so people will recommend the restaurant to other people and the company will make more in profit. Theme park-ticket sellers at the entrance must be polite so people will come back again. Hotel-security guards patrol the building 24-hour so people know that they and their belongings are safe. Swimming Pool-fast lifeguards so people know that they are safe and they are not going to drown. Customer service is vital in any organisation, more so today, as there is so much disposable income available to people, and hundreds of thousands of products on the market, making tough competition for organisations. ...read more.


The branch in which I work is located at Lewisham and surrounded areas, organisation worldwide. We specialise in recruitment and employment services (Marketing/candidate attraction, selection and job placement + related) With my work I deal with many types of different candidate. (Customers) Due to this, I have to adapt an attitude to help deal with the candidates every day needs, wants, complaints in order to make them feel welcome, and that it is not their fault. This will also help me to retain my customers. While working for Adecco Ltd companies, I came across one complaint by a candidate. The complaint is; Scenario One: 1) Adecco - 2003 A woman in her late 30's arrives into the branch expecting to be registered but she didn't have an appointment. I spoke calmly to the lady, explaining that she has been contacted to check if she was still looking for work but not to complete full registration. I spoke to one of the consultants who then made an arrangement to complete candidate registration. The woman was making a lot of the candidate within the store very upset, and this was at our peak time so a lot of candidates were within the premises. I took the woman to the customer service desk so I could get a formal statement from her, but also to diffuse the situation and not make a scene in front of the existing candidates within the branch. ...read more.


Policy can vary depending what political party is in power. There are many policies that can affect business activity and the way in which the business works. Some of these policies which affect business include: * * Education and Training * Unemployment * Exchange rate policy and EMU * Import Controls * Mergers * De-regulation * Business taxes * The minimum wage Analysis of the customer service provided by adecco Adecco monitor the number of customers by looking at the calculated level of hour worked by them. If their hours are low, this means that the numbers of customer's visits are low. This may be due to finding the staff rude or validity of vacancies. Adecco monitors the level of hours worked by seeing if the hours have increased. If the hour are raising this may indicate that customers are happy with the service. Reference: Bernard J, Martha C. (1991), Customer service: A management perspective, USA, Oak Brook publisher Christopher. M, Schary.P (1979), Customer service and distribution strategy, New York, Halsted Press. Heath. I. (1998), Quality in customer service, Canberra, reports and publications. Parasuraman. A. (1993), Marketing services (Competing through Quality), USA, Macmillan Inc. Tschohl J, Franzmeier S. (1991), Achieving Excellence Through Customer service, New Jersey, Prentice Hall John t self (1998), Monitor customer satisfaction regularly to avoid complaints! www.theacagroup.com/customerservice.htm, Doug Howardell, Definition of Customer service. Funsho Adebayo ...read more.

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