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This is the Hierarchal Organization of my Bakery.

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This is the Hierarchal Organization of my Bakery. The fact that my business has a hierarchal organization allows it to have a clear management structure. Therefore all of the people involved with the business are more aware of the person commanding, controlling and co-ordinating them in their different areas of the business. It shows the different divisions of responsibility and who holds the most authority, basically employees are able to see who the most important person in the company is and also know what responsibilities are theirs. This makes it very easy especially for small businesses for most segments of the company to be controlled by the top of the hierarchy. ...read more.


Management within our partnership is common in all of us but some of the family has a higher input within the company and they have been given the top management positions in the business. The senior management is going to interact one on one with everyone on the shop floor or in offices as shop floor workers are counted with respect as shareholders in the business. Senior managers of the business when dealing with hierarchy are known to often stifle the initiative of the people in lower positions in the business, especially if the company is a big company. This will be avoided hopefully in my business as everyone in the business can be regarded as management. ...read more.


In very big businesses this is mostly a problem. Big businesses have so many people between the management and staff that there may only be aware of the goings on of the people directly beneath them. My business being a small business to start this problem should not occur as the management is not that far away in position as the staff. Also with regular routine checks on the store and shop floor being done by all sections of the management everyone will be up to date with the goings on with the lower staff. Most of us have an input towards the business then we are all expected not to need monitoring as we should work to improve on the investment of our bakery. Aderoju Akindeinde 11K ...read more.

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