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This report applies knowledge and understanding to the company Jinnikins Jeans through the use of human resource issues, including definitions, theories and models

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Executive Summary This report applies knowledge and understanding to the company Jinnikins Jeans through the use of human resource issues, including definitions, theories and models. It analyses and provides critical reasoning on the current systems in place within the organisation and makes practical and relevant recommendations on how Jinnikins Jeans could improve their performance. The report is divided into two sections; one focusing on the overall human resource management strategy of Jinnikins Jeans, noting its relationship to the business strategy, and the second section considers the linkage between performance management and reward policies and practises. They both draw on past and current data presented in the Jinnikins Jeans case study. Among the theories analysed within the report is the Harvard model and the Guest model of human resource management and all theories, definitions, models and ideas have been gathered from a wide variety of sources including journals and books. Question 1 Analyse the overall HRM strategy of Jinnikins, noting its relationship to the business strategy, drawing on past and current data presented in the case study. Background Jinnikins Jeans is a clothing company specialising in teenage fashion with a turnover of millions of pounds. Their main direct suppliers are large department stores and specialist young fashion outlets. The family run business was started by two brothers, George and Trevor in the 1980's and although they are a successful company, profits are currently down which is due to certain functions of the business needing improvement. This report focuses on Jinnikins Jeans human resource department and aims to analyse their Human resource management strategy. It will note its relationship between the business strategy. Employees Jinnikins Jeans are a strong family owned business and mainly employ family members and friends, which has resulted in a lack of skills from certain members of the business. The human resource director who is related to the brothers is very passionate about her job but is under skilled for her role resulting in human resource administration being neglected and consequently failing to comply with the human resource key functions of ' maintaining a staff record'. ...read more.


Such schemes are ideal for addressing recruitment and retention problems. This may also discourage Lionel, the production director from approaching a head-hunter. The cross-cultural communication channels (Bratton et al, 2003) between the main business site in Birmingham UK and the production factories overseas need to be improved. Jinnikins Jeans is operating in a globalised economy and the production department is culturally very diverse and different cultures prefer to communicate using different means. For example, in Japan, managers prefer oral communication whereas in North America, managers prefer written forms of communication. It is important for Jinnikins Jeans to identify the best form of communication to use when contacting the production team and their other stakeholders. Jinnikins Jeans organise little training for their staff, which is why they are currently not operating efficiently. However this is not due to a lack of training programmes being in place, it is due to the human resource director not informing staff of the qualifications on offer and explaining their relevance in helping further their careers. Although organising training schemes is costly, especially compared to other forms of performance improvement such as changing the structure of employees roles or replacing staff it is also necessary and an 'expected item of investment' and a factor which Jinnikin Jeans cannot afford to not offer (Thompson, 2006). Jinnikins Jeans must control the performance of their employees with disciplinary action for when employees work inappropriately and to ensure that all employees reach their potential. However, although this is planned in the business strategy the human resource plan does not support this. They must re-assess their disciplinary procedure otherwise they could face legal action for unfair dismissal against certain members of staff, which currently is the situation with a pending case against them concerning a member of staff being bullied. The human resource strategy decisions are to be made at the human resource directors own discretion, however Etty, the present Human resource director, who is thought to be under skilled has made costly decisions resulting in a pending tribunal case against her for acting arbitrarily. ...read more.


Lionel, the production director feels ' marginalized and uninvolved' and Dan 'wonders if he is really up to the job' (Mathews, 2004) which supports the idea that the positions within the company needs to be re-assessed. However, as the company currently stands making staff redundant could result in tribunal action, as they have not enforced the necessary redundancy guidelines. The human resource department, headed by Etty must devise a redundancy plan, which will enable them to make staff redundant fairly and legally. Recommendations I feel that Jinnikins Jeans need to improve the relationship between their performance management and reward policies. By improving their reward schemes they would notice improvements in their performance management. Firstly, the appraisal system must be revised so that it is carried out in a more formal manner using 360-degree appraisal systems. They must also introduce an individual performance related pay scheme so employees get rewarded for their efforts and will increase motivation within the workforce. I also feel that regular meetings on the companies performance for the whole workforce team would be very beneficial as it would make employees feel more involved. It would be a chance for all employees to raise their views and for individuals to receive recognition verbally. To support these meetings a monthly newsletter should be printed to highlight their performance and future targets. They must include these changes in their business strategy. Jinnikins Jeans must devise a redundancy procedure to avoid legal action taken against them. I feel that they should use this and make the production director, Lionel redundant and create a new production director post overseas where the factories are situated. This would ensure improvements with the companies performance, as the production line would be operating more effectively. For future consideration they should recruit outside of their family friend network to ensure a higher skilled workforce. These changes should be included in a revised business strategy. ...read more.

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