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To investigate variation I will need to take a range of results of people, probably in my teaching class, and some from other means.

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Darrell Taylor Variation To investigate variation I will need to take a range of results of people, probably in my teaching class, and some from other means. Things that cause variation are: Genetic variation Inheritance Mutation Environmental variation - this is the way someone or something is because of its surroundings, for example, two hundred years ago most peppered moth's were speckled white, but the tree trunks were a different colour they mutated by the white speckled moth producing a black one, the black moths now blended in with the trees and were therefore a safer species due to camouflage. I am going to be investigating discontinuous variation. This is the variation where there is a clear-cut difference between on type of variant and another, for example: The ability to roll ones tongue, is either yes or no, * Having a attached or detached earlobe, * Eye colour * Blood type * Sex I chose to measure discontinuous variation because of the clear -cut answers. Continuous variation is when there is a range of results between two extremes, for example: * Weight * Height * Foot size * Hand span These types of results ...read more.


some people who have brown hair, in the summer turns blonde because of the increase in sun shining on it. I ceased to choose continuous variation because these results can be affected by the diet that someone has, which could corrupt a weight category or even height. Here are my results: Record Number Male or Female Eye colour Hair Colour Ear lobe Tongue roller 1 F Hazel Brown Fixed Y 2 F Hazel Brown Free Y 3 F Green Blonde Free Y 4 F Brown Brown Free Y 5 F Green Brown Fixed N 6 M Blue Brown Fixed Y 7 M Blue Brown Fixed N 8 M Blue Brown Fixed N 9 M Brown Brown Free Y 10 F Blue Blonde Free N 11 F Blue Brown Fixed Y 12 F Green Brown Free Y 13 F Blue Blonde Fixed Y 14 F Blue Brown Fixed Y 15 M Blue Brown Free Y 16 M Blue Brown Free N 17 M Hazel Brown Free Y 18 M Brown Brown Free Y 19 M Green Brown Fixed Y 20 M Blue Blonde Fixed N 21 F Brown Brown Free Y 22 F Green Brown Fixed ...read more.


There was really no other way to do this experiment, other than going to people and collecting information about them, unless a database was kept, which contained information about different people. A way that I could have improved my experiment is to take information about a wider range of people, this would give me a more accurate ground to base my conclusion on, and to see if the hair colour and tongue roller graphs balance out. My results were very reliable; there wasn't really any error that could happen. The unexpected graph were those of the Hair colour and Tongue roller. The two main colours didn't balance out in any way, neither did the tongue rollers and non-tongue rollers. The only way that I can explain this is that not enough results were taken to come to a firm conclusion on the hair colour and tongue rolling, but the other three fields support my prediction so I am very confident that the hair colour and tongue roller distribution would equalise eventually. Apart from the hair colour, and tongue rolling I had enough results to come to a conclusion confidently. If I had more time I would have gone into continuous variation, and worked out averages for heights, weights, hand spans, etc. ...read more.

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