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Training and development.

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Training and development Training is all forms of planned learning experiences and activities designed to make possitive changes to performance Development approaches the individual and their motivation from a different angle from that of training. development is more personal and enables individuals to develop themselfs in the best way that suits their individual needs. By individuals developing they will be more inclined and better able to contribute to helping the company meet its objectives. There are many different types of training, which include... Induction training Induction is the process of introducing the new employees to the place they are going to work. Induction will provide information the person needs to start their job and help them 'fit in' generally. Induction will take place straight after recruitment and selection, as well as dealing with initial knowlage and skills they need for their job, it will also deal with the structure, culture and activities of the business. ...read more.


The coach and individual being coached will identify development oppurtunities that they can work on togther, Eg. ways of improving performance. The coach will provide feedback on performance and how it is progressing. Coaching will also benefit the whole business not just the individual. Apprenticeships An apprenticeship is when someone is being learnt on the job. Apprenticies have to work for a number of years to master their trades before they can go on independently. During early years the wages will be quite low... and over the years rise untill they are able to go off and set up on their own for higher wages. Nowdays they are called Modern Apprentaships and they will combine learning on the job with a college based course, they are now subsidised by the government which gives employees a greater incentive to take on apprentices. Bowmer and Kirkland offer Modern Apprentaships to school leavers, the way they are trained depends on if they have GCSE's or A-levels. ...read more.


as it will be a trip away and maybe also get time to theirself on the course after it has been done. Training will result in alot of benefits for the comapany... * Improove the competativness of the business, as well as improoving productivity and coustomer service. * In the long run training could cost less than recruiting a fully trained worker, as these type of employees tend to leave much earlier than ones that the business have trained up themselfs. * It is a great incentive to work, it will give the employee the right attitude and motivation towards their job. * In long term the benefits of training will cancell out the costs as there will be higher skill and knowlage within the company and a lower laybour turnover and reduced employment costs... * It will improve efficiency within the business. * It is also quite enjoyable and will create a good atmosphere in the workforce. * Bowmer and Kirkland believe that Advancment is the biggest benefit of training. ...read more.

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