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Training , Development & Performance with Motivation

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Training , Development & Performance with Motivation Training includes all forms of planned learning experiences and activities designed to make positive changes to performance and Motivation. Development approaches the individual and employees' motivation from a different angle from that of training. While training is typically concerned with enabling the individual to contribute to meeting the objectives of the organization better, personal development is more concerned with enabling individuals to develop themselves in the way that best suits individual needs. The two, it is hoped, will come together. ...read more.


At the same time the individual needs to have the opportunity to be able to communicate employees' own personal development needs to the organization through appraisal or personal development planning schemes. The Financial and non-financial can be no doubt that financial reward is perhaps the most significant factor in persuading people to do jobs. This is why some people will do jobs nobody else will touch. Ask many people why they do their jobs and they will say 'for the money'. However, money is not everything. People stop doing some of the best-paid jobs because they can't stand the people or they can't put up with the conditions or because of other factors that are demotivating them. ...read more.


Motivation may be generated by a pay increase, by promotion or simply by the status and satisfaction associated with possessing a new skill and using the most up-to date machinery and equipment. William Hill use those theory means to motivate employees. In doing so, they hope to minimize labour turnover, attract new recruits and create an effective, productive working environment. Motivation suggests it is important to link rewards closely with performance. Successful management involves providing meaningful and valued rewards to employees. Employees need to have the opportunity to engage in good performance, and expectations must be clearly communicated to employees. Rewards must be clearly and visibly linked to performance. ?? ?? ?? ?? Winnie Cai ...read more.

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