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unit 2 business coursework

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Contents Page 2. Introduction 3. Describing four different types of businesses 6. Describing the primary, secondary and tertiary 8. Explaining areas of growth or decline in the primary, secondary and tertiary 9. Describe the main purpose of setting aims and objectives 11. Comparing and contrasting the ownership, Aims and objectives of two selected businesses. 11. Functional areas (explaining the interaction of functional areas and how they relate to each other in two selected businesses 16. Evaluating how the functional areas contribute to aims and objectives of the two selected businesses. Introduction In unit 1 of my coursework I had to undergo the pass criteria which included: * Describe four different organisation in terms of purpose, ownership, size and scale. * Describe the primary, secondary and tertiary classifications of business activities using local and national examples. * Describe the purpose of setting aims and objectives for businesses. * Describe the functional areas and their main purpose within business organisations. The merit criteria: * Compare and contrast the ownership, aims and objectives of two selected businesses. * Explain areas of growth or decline in the primary, secondary and tertiary classifications of business activities. * Explain the interaction of functional areas and how they relate to each other in two selected businesses. The distinction criteria: * Evaluate how the functional areas contribute to the aims and objectives of the two selected businesses. Description of Tesco PLC. Tesco is a private limited company founded by Sir Jack Cohen in 1924. The first three letters from the name of the tea suppliers name "T.E.Stockwell" and then joined these will his own surname this then formed the name "Tesco". He liked this name so much it became the company's own. Tesco is one of the United Kingdom's largest supermarkets They sell varieties of clothes, household items, gifts, kids items and food items. They produce their own breads and some product. ...read more.


In tertiary sector where growth is not predicated within transport services in the United Kingdom most people prefer to travel by car rather than public transport. Government should introduce measures to force private car drivers off the road. However, the communication sector has grown but employment is low due to increased computerisation. The growth of communication industry is in form of mobile phones. Describe the main purpose of setting aims and objectives An aim is what they set out to do and the objective is the target they want to achieve. Businesses have aims and objectives to help them fulfill their ambitions by setting targets of what they would like to achieve and to become more and more successful or established. A successful business normally has a good ability to have a clear vision of what they hope to achieve and how to plan for the future. Aims and objectives give a sense of direction to the employees and shareholders so that they can make an informed decision of whether they should work or invest money in the business. The aims and objectives are there to remind the employees, managers, directors etc of what they are trying to get to. There is a good point in setting objectives because if the business does not bother to check if the targets have been met and measure how successful it has been in meeting its objectives. If the business has not been successful it should ask itself why it has fallen short of its targets and should it take action either by changing the objective or by taking some other action to make sure it meets its targets in the future. The aims and objectives of "Vectone Gnanam " my sole trader are: To survive because if the business doesn't then it will go bankrupt and will have to close down. In order to survive the business will need money. ...read more.


* Suggesting ways of improvement from information gathered. * Promoting special offers or other products. * Advertising the company and its products/service * Deciding on the layout of the premises. They have to make sure that they sell the product(s)/service(s) that customers want and that they are advertised and promoted properly so that they can attract existing and new customers to the company. Market Research The Marketing & Sales Department carries out market research by having specialist companies doing questionnaires and following customers, to find out ways they can improve the store, and to find out if any new products they want to produce will sell and if not how they can improve it. Specialist firms are used because they have the relevant experience and they are not biased so the information they receive will be accurate also it isn't time consuming for Tescos and MacDonald's because there is another company gathering the information for them so they can get on with their jobs. The Finance department at Tescos and MacDonald's is responsible for arranging the company accounts. They arrange the accounts for the public to view because Tescos and MacDonald's is a PLC. This helps Tescos and MacDonald's to meet their aims and objectives because the customers know how much Tescos and MacDonald's is spending and how much Tescos and MacDonald's is earning, which makes them happy giving Tescos and MacDonald's a good customer service and a pleasant shopping experience. The Administration Department helps Tescos and MacDonald's to meet its aims and objectives by helping the other departments run smoothly which is reducing the workload of employees and this will make employees motivated increasing customer service standards and giving customers a pleasant shopping experience. The Marketing and Sales Department at Tescos and MacDonald's The Marketing & Sales Department at Tescos and MacDonald's helps it to meet its aims by making sure the store has what the customer wants and that what the products they sell are advertised and displayed properly. ?? ?? ?? ?? Hussein Farah 1 ...read more.

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