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Using the peter drucker-

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Using the peter drucker- "The practise of management" We can see Coca cola is successfully achieving its objectives. * Profitability- The primary goal of any profit-making organisation is to increase earning per market. Also coca cola is also maximising its profits * Marketing share and standing- Cooperate marketing objectives can cover areas such as what products are to be sold in which markets, whether or not the organisation should aim to be the market leader in terms of pricing or product development. * Productivity- coca-cola produces different brands of products for its customers, brands like diet coke, fanta, coke, and sprite. E.t.c. With all this products coca cola sells, it increases its revenue making the organisation make profit. * Management and employee performance- this covers the development of good management and employee relations. Coca cola usually motivate its employees by giving their employees leaves and promotions; coca cola also operate an equal opportunity policy. * Technical innovation- coca cola has to decide whether or not it should aim to be a technical innovator in terms of its products, or whether it should follow the lead or somebody else. * Social and public responsibility- Coca cola usually donate money to the less privilege and also take precautions in the ingredients being used in producing their products in other not to harm their consumers. ...read more.


* Customers- The only ICT communication used by coca cola to contact customers could be E-mailing, they could E-mail customers different products or new sales etc. * Distribution of coca cola- They would probably be contacted by video conference because the distributions are very likely to be from other countries rather than the country the business is trying to consume the products from. Internal ICT communications that coca cola use are: E-mail, this will save a lot of time within the business if everybody would start emailing instead of calling a meeting. Coca coal staff has programs installed on their computers, which tells them once they have received E-mail. The disadvantage of this type of communication is that it is quite expensive, as it would have to be on all day long. The advantage is that it is fast and information can be passed on quickly. They can avoid the disadvantage by having broadband where they can pay a certain sum for unlimited access. Fax, this allows people to have copies of documents they may require. Faxing is similar to emailing. But the message is not received on the computer but on a faxing machine. ...read more.


Also the employees are well informed about the organisations aim and future plans. However it can lead to disadvantages as well as it is difficult to implement. The disadvantage of this is that it is time consuming and effort will be needed by a manager to do this. Democratic style helps coca cola in such that it motivates its employees making coca cola's production level high because the employees will be happy to work harder. It will also reduce high labour turnover. Role culture is the culture that coca coal adopts. This is where all members have a defined job or role to carry out. Role culture normally split up into a number of functions that are organized in a hierarchical way. Coca cola would divide themselves into various functions like accounts, marketing and production. These also have hierarchical ordering of office examples of these are production director, production managers, supervisors, technicians, operatives etc. This type of culture works by logic and rationality. Role culture is mainly used in large organisations. In this culture position in the main source of power and rules procedures are the main source of influence. They also use task culture the employees from the IT department might have to work together to teach their goal or target management style of coca cola. ...read more.

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