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What is the role of quality in organisations today?

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ALEX HAN 55 BIS C303 What is the role of quality in organisations today? Before I can answer the question above, it is important to try and understand what quality actually means. The word quality is often used to judge the standard of a product or service. But the important point to remember is that everyone has their own distinct judgment of what is good and bad depending on their needs and requirements. For example, my mum will definitely not consider McDonalds to be of a high quality food place but I however beg to differ. I still haven't yet seen a place that gives me so much food and drink till for 5 pounds (2 Double Cheeseburgers, 1 Large Fries, 1 Chicken Sandwich, Large Sprite). The food is always hot and ready so that you don't have to wait and sit in a table wasting your time. It also comes all wrapped up in convenient wrappers so that you can even eat while on the run. Our views on the quality of McDonalds differ because we have different needs. I am a student on a low budget, and my mum requires a lot of fresh salad with her meals. ...read more.


But most importantly, the organisation will lose some of its goodwill. Goodwill simply means faith your customer/supplier have in your organisation. Losing reputation and image will have a direct negative impact on future sales. Happy customers will tell others of the good service they have recieved and a reputation will be earned. Poor service however will have a stronger negative effect, as most people are more willing to tell others about shortcomings than praise them. This will then inevitably lead to bad reputation that can be very difficult if not impossible to erase. The car manufacturer 'Skoda' is a good example of this. A decade ago, due to high number of accidents, they were the subject of all sorts of jokes about car-accidents. Now Skoda is using its past bad-reputation to promote a new range of cars which are meant to be safer still under the name Skoda. They decided that as the brand image was so strong, it would be worthwhile to revamp the image rather than start fresh. The COQ shows us that in order for an organisation to improve its quality, traditional quality controls no longer work. We used to once think that increasing the quality meant increasing the number of inspections and inspectors throughout. ...read more.


will be added for locations with four or more ERCs. It is easy to see even from this that Ford takes the role of quality seriously. They have created a separate entity (UAW Ford) to deal with all 'quality matters'. Not all companies go to this extent, but more and more companies are realising that Quality is the key to survival and so this has led to an increase in the number of companies gaining some sort of standard from a third party such as ISO (International organisation for Standardisation). Standards were introduced to help assure a customer that they will receive what was specified. ISO is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies from more than 140 countries, one from each country. The mission of ISO is to 'promote the development of standardization and related activities in the world with a view to facilitating the international exchange of goods and services, and to developing cooperation in the spheres of intellectual, scientific, technological and economic activity.'9 ISO9000 is a voluntary standard, in that there are no legal requirements to adopt it. But 'we all know that the standard may as well be compulsory if buyers demand them'.10 ISO's work results in international agreements, which are published as International Standards. Main advantages are * Worldwide progress in trade liberalization Especially in technology market. ...read more.

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