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Antigone written by Jean Anouilh

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  • Submitted: 24/03/2005
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GCSE Classics

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IBS English Coursework

Ruth Haines

Discuss the reasons for Antigone's decision to die and whether her death can be justified

Antigone written by Jean Anouilh is a play based on Sophcles ancient Greek tragedy also of the same name. Although major themes and aspects of this play have been adapted and modernised, the plot remains very similar to that of the original pay. It tells the story of a young girl, Antigone, who is willing to defy the kings orders and break the law in order to attempt to bury her dead brother, Polinices, to whom Creon (the king) has refused a proper burial. Despite Creon's desperate attempts to let her of her crime, for she is betrothed to his son, Antigone refuses his offer and relentlessly demands to be put to death.

Unlike in Sophocles ancient Greek original, in Jean Anouilh's Antigone the reasons for Antigone's death are not clear and her justifications for wanting to die are portrayed with much ambiguity. For in Sophcles version, which is very much centred round the Greek Gods and religion, Antigone posses' very strong religious beliefs. It is clearly conveyed that Antigone feels that it is

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