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Classics Project - Athens

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CLASSICS PROJECT. ATHENS. As I am A citizen of Athens I would be the ideal person to ask about Athens, sorry I didn't mean to be rude but I for got to mention my name, so my name is Andrew. I live with my parents and my brother that is two years younger than me. The city of Athens was created, because people used to meet here to buy and sell goods, and then people decided to live here so they would not have to travel with the goods on a long journey. ...read more.


There is also an awful smell in the market place and people get cross and annoyed, I fell this is because of the bad smell, because it makes me short-tempered .I found that on hot days the smell is worse I fell this is because, the waste is the street or that word sewage for your waste. As you probable know Athens is very important because it is situated in the polis of Attica. ...read more.


As I said Athens is surrounded by a wall but Athens is also is also situated on a hill so you can see your enemy and have an advantage in wining against any envision. There is also a temple in the middle of Athens with a statue of the Goddess Athena; the temple is also called the Parthenon. I must be of because I was meant to have been home a while ago bye. CLASSICS PROJECT ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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