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Analysis of Barbie Doll by Marge Pierce.

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PINAR MANICI Amer.K´┐Żlt.ve Edb. 1.Sinif 0322030034 Barbie Doll by MARGE PIERCE Analysis of the poem: This poem is about a girl who was born like a doll,grew up with a fat nose and legs and then got rid of them,and then died.If we are to explain these,we can say that: She was a beautiful baby like the others when she was born.She looked like a baby doll who peed and had tiny furnitures.She used to arouse nice feelings. But when she became an adolescent,her beauty was corrupted by a fat nose and fat legs,as her classmate said.She had everything good except her nose and legs,like health,strong arms,well-built body,sexual attraction,dexterity,delicacy and so on.She used to behave coyly and sincere towards to people. She was always on a diet,she used to smile wheedle every time.But she was uncomfortable about her nose and legs,so she decided to have them corrected and did. ...read more.


6.You have a great big nose and fat legs: We see that he thought she had a fat nose and thick legs,And he told this to her face. 7.She was healthy,tested intelligent: She had no health problems,she was very intelligent,maybe she was a certified intelligent. 8.possessed strong arms and back: she had strong arms and a well-built body. 9.abundant sexual drive and manual dexterity: she was attractive and very quick in manual activities. 10.She went to and pro apologizing: This line tells that she was a polite girl who apologized at every opportunity. 11.Everyone saw a fat nose and thick legs: Here we understand that not only her classmate,but also everybody thought she had fat nose and thick legs. 12.She was advised to play coy: She used to behave coyly,shyly.she was very girlish,she was a pretty girl. ...read more.


20.with undertaker's cosmetics painted on: here we became sure that she died because we understand that her face was painted with undertaker's cosmetics. Undertaker is the person who paints dead people's faces. 21.A turned-up putty nose: In this line,the truth that she had her nose operated is repeated,and it makes us infer something like she had all those operations and they were in vain because she died at last.And her nose was putty,because she was dead 22.dressed in pink and white nightie: She was dressed in pink and white nightie,so she must be looking pretty. 23.Doesnt she look pretty? Everone said: Everybody at her funeral thinks that she was pretty. 24.Consummation al last: Here the girl is said to be excellently beautiful,as she always wanted.And the people at her funeral thinks that she was perfect "at last". 25.to every woman a happy ending: she became happy as every woman will be at the end. ...read more.

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