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As Salt Decreases, Your Blood Pressure May Also Decrease

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Jonathan Ayers Economics 2 October 07, 2004 As Salt Decreases, Your Blood Pressure May Also Decrease Many studies have shown the effects of salt, also known as sodium chloride, can have a toll on ones body. It can increase your blood pressure as well as cause congestive heart failure. We look at salt to provide us with many different functions in our everyday life. For instance, we use salt to give a stronger taste to food or even just because the recipe calls for it. We also use salt to convert fresh water fish tanks to salt water tanks. We can use it for a mixed drink, like a margarita or even melt ice for making ice cream. These are just some of the examples that are used. Although people do not notice that with changing trends, salt does have an effect on the economy. How so, you ask? For starters, we look at sodium content for losing weight, especially with the times of today. Everywhere you look you see ads about weight loss and how Americans are overweight. ...read more.


It's more tan than black in color and has a very strong, sulfuric flavor. It is commonly used in Indian dishes instead of table salt. Coarse salt, which most call canning salt, is used in recipes calling for finely ground salt, though coarse salt is better for certain things, like making beds for oysters and for lining baking dishes. We think of it most for margaritas though. Unlike coarse salt, which is coarsely grounded, Fine salt in finely grounded. This is salt that is been grounded into small grains. Most recipes calling for salt, intend for you to use finely ground salt, even though coarse salt is better for certain things. Table salt usually comes finely grounded. Cooking salt who some call curing salt is used to cure meats and fish. Smithfield foods are a big buyer of cooking salt for their hams. It is usually dyed pink so that it won't be mistaken for ordinary salt. It consists of 93.75% table salt and 6.25% sodium nitrate. French sea salt comes from sea water that is pooled into basins and then evaporated. It is unrefined, unlike most American sea salt. French salt consists of many different varieties called gray salt. ...read more.


Bay salt which is known as sea salt comes from the evaporated sea water. Bay salt contains minute amounts of magnesium, calcium, and other minerals. Sodium bisulfate and Sodium sulfate are used to prevent fruit from darkening and losing flavor and vitamins while it's being dried. While examining the different kinds of salt, you can see how the different affects of what is going on in the world will affect them. During the winter and summer we seem to use more salt. We use it for snow, ice and even for ice cream. What ever the reason, salt will always play a part in the economy. It is a substance that has many substitutes, and even is used for a compliment with so many things. Salt compliments food, snow, ice, ice cream, canning foods, preserving, hunting, and the lists goes on and on. As for salt and blood pressure, the National Research Council recommends that adults obtain at least 500 mg of sodium daily, with an upper limit of 2,400 mg daily. The amount of salt, or sodium, in the diet is important for people who have high blood pressure or congestive heart failure. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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